Lesbian Kicked Out of Oklahoma School for Living With Girlfriend

From Alternet: http://www.alternet.org/newsandviews/article/336717/lesbian_kicked_out_of_oklahoma_school_for_living_with_girlfriend/#paragraph2

18-year-old Melissa McKenzie was allegedly tossed from Del City High School in Del City, Okla. when the school principle discovered that she was living with her girlfriend, according to a report by KWTV News and flagged by the Advocate. McKenzie claims that the principle said she could could go back to school and earn her degree if she moved back in with her family. Meanwhile, the woman’s girlfriend, who had dropped out but tried go back to school to earn her degree in order to become a firefighter, was discouraged by school administrators. Her take on why:

“The principal will say ‘Well, you’re gay. You’re not going to do anything with your life. You might as well just drop out now,'”  Hicks said. “It’s stuff to put you down that makes you want to drop out.”

All those Oklahomans who bravely fought to save our democracy from Sharia law are going to speak out against this, right?

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TSA sees sanitary napkins in naked body scans

I’m part of  a fortunate class of people associated with trans prefixed words.  I’m post-transsexual and able to slide through life with only getting read for something else that I am, an old dyke.

But I passed through the place where a lot of other folks currently live.  A time when what I had between my legs didn’t correspond with the way the world viewed me.  And I remember being really embarassed with looking at that part of my body and the idea of someone I wasn’t real intimate with seeing me naked  was…  Well disturbing…

So I can empathize, believe me.  I had lots of transsexual and transgender friends and lovers of all the permutations of trans-prefixed words there are.

But one of the gifts of being post-op and kind of post-transsexual is that I can also see it from a non-trans-perspective too.

And that means I see this as a generally sucky proposition and an invasion of privacy.  Yet another case of a warrantless search.

You see I don’t have to worry about them seeing private parts that don’t exactly match my public gender presentation. And I still don’t want to be fucking x-ray in order to travel from one city to another.

The very idea is so fucking police state as to make me puke.

Fuck flying.  It is just as cheap to drive and I don’t have to rent a car.

Plus I get to see part of the country I would have otherwise flown over.

Let the fucking airlines tank.

From Raw Story: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/11/tsa-sees-sanitary-napkins-body-scans/

By David Edwards
Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 — 12:47 pm

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) now admits that airport scanners that can see through clothes to create images of the naked body can also detect sanitary napkins.

New York Times reporter Joe Sharkey wrote that he was getting a lot of question from women who travel in a little noticed article Monday.

“Do the imagers, for example, detect sanitary napkins?” women wanted to know. “Yes,” wrote Sharkey.

“Does that then necessitate a pat-down? The T.S.A. couldn’t say. Screeners, the T.S.A. has said, are expected to exercise some discretion.”

“And what about tampons?” asked the blog Feminist Peace Network. “They look kind of like sticks of dynamite. Are they going to ask us to pull them out and show them just to be sure?”

Some Americans are outraged at the idea that the TSA has the right to touch their private parts in the pat-down process.

On man trying to board a plane at San Diego International Airport threatened to have a screener arrested.

“If you touch my junk, I’m gonna have you arrested,” the man, who blogs as Johnny Edge, said to agents.

“I felt what they were doing was a sexual assault, and that if they were anyone but the government, the act would be illegal,” Edge wrote.

Continue reading at:   http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/11/tsa-sees-sanitary-napkins-body-scans/

From Fire Dog Lake:  http://my.firedoglake.com/watertiger/2010/11/16/capn-sully-dont-touch-my-wifes-junk/

It looks like your average airline passenger isn’t the only one who is balking at the idea of an intense fondling by TSA agents. Everyone’s favorite airplane pilot, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, is majorly pissed off at the blatant invasion of privacy:

On CNN’s American Morning Tuesday, anchor Kiran Chetry asked Sullenberger what he thinks of the pat down policy, paraphrasing John Tyner’s concerns this way: “I don’t want anybody but my wife and maybe my doctor touching me in the places these people are touching me.

Sully, by the way, can land a passenger jet in a river without so much as getting a passenger wet, but he couldn’t stop the TSA from hand searching his own wife during a recent trip. (Hands off Mrs. Sully, you goons!) “She was touched in sensitive places,” said Sully.


More US households short of food

From BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-11761970

15 November 2010

Almost 15% of US households experienced a food shortage at some point in 2009, a government report has found.

US authorities say that figure is the highest they have seen since they began collecting data in the 1990s, and a slight increase over 2008 levels.

Single mothers are among the hardest hit: About 3.5 million said they were at times unable to put sufficient food on the table.

Hispanics and African Americans also suffer disproportionately.

The food security report is the result of an annual survey conducted by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Households deemed “food insecure” experienced a period of inadequate food supply as a result of their economic situation, but did not necessarily remain without sufficient food for the entire year.

Although the number of food insecure households has risen sharply since the recession, the USDA says the growth rate has slowed, particularly toward the end of 2009.

Continue reading at:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-11761970

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Transphobia in the LGB Community

Middle class downsizes as its jobs vanish, move away

From The Seattle Times: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2013435881_econjobs15.html

The good-paying, predominantly white-collar jobs that once sustained many American communities are disappearing at an alarming pace, keeping the unemployment rate stubbornly high despite the end of the Great Recession.

By Kevin G. Hall

McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — The good-paying, predominantly white-collar jobs that once sustained many American communities are disappearing at an alarming pace, keeping the unemployment rate stubbornly high despite the end of the Great Recession.

More troubling, these jobs in accounting, financial analysis, commercial printing and a broad array of other mostly white-collar occupations are unlikely to come back, experts predict.

There isn’t a single cause. Some of it is explained by changing technology, some of it is the result of automation.

Sending well-paying jobs to low-cost centers abroad is another big part of the story. So is global competition from emerging economies such as China and India.

The result is the same in all cases, however. Jobs that paid well, required skills and produced vital communities are going away and aren’t being replaced by anything comparable.

Continue reading at:  http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2013435881_econjobs15.html

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The Economic Chaos is not Just in the US

On Sunday Tina and I went to see a very important film, one I am urging everyone to see.  Inside Job .

We like to think we are reasonably knowledgeable on a fairly wide range of topics.  We read a national newspaper along with a local.  I read a fairly wide ranging variety of news blogs and web sites including The Guardian UK and BBC.  Not to mention several Socialist publications and several economics Blogs. Tina reads more Economics news and points out things to me

When there is an anti-establishment general strike or riot going on in the US/Canada  or Europe I am often aware of it even if my awareness comes a couple of days later.

I am not into Free Trade.  I am anti-G20, anti-Globalization and pro-labor unions.  I am unabashedly Socialist and a wealth redistributionist who sees what has been happening the last 30 years or so as a Class War waged by the rich upon working people.

I vaguely knew Iceland was in economic trouble.  I didn’t realize that this was the result of a massive act of financial fraud that should be considered a huge crime with all involved prosecuted.

I have read my Naomi Klein, my Perkins, I know about Shock Doctrines and Economic Hitmen.

I pretty much figured out what put Greece in ruin.  And I see why the anarchists are attempting to stage a rebellion if not a revolution.

The strikes in France brought greater focus on the class war that is aimed at reducing the status of workers in Europe and North America to the level of the Chinese workers.  There is an effort to reduce wages and social programs, to deindustrialize in pursuit of the greater surplus value gained by using lower paid workers.

Through out the west access to public education is being reduced by raising fees and admissions requirements in such a manner as to exclude people of the lower classes thereby rendering them ignorant.

Already much of mass education has been converted to indoctrination and training programs aimed at producing complacent consumers willing to do menial jobs without too much awareness of being manipulated and fully enraptured by various forms of spectacle.

Educated people have the ability to analyze information and reason.  People trained to do a task and little else, who are addicted to the fantasy world of consumption and spectacle don’t ask questions.

I was wondering when students in GB would show a little rebellion, how far things would need to be ratcheted down before people would say, “Enough!”

The Millbank Centre, action gave a hint.

As I said I knew the big money people had committed a crime and that was why our economy was in the tank but I wasn’t aware of the magnitude, and the magnitude is absolutely stunning.

They have destroyed Capitalism or brought it to a place roughly akin to where Tsarist Russia was just prior to the Communist Revolution.

They have robbed and gambled the wealth of entire nations and win or lose walked away with billions upon billions of dollars reducing the economies of whole nations to the point where the best these countries can offer are austerity measures to people already impoverished.

The stories are appearing all over,  We have a world wide 21st century economic dust bowl with massive unemployment and people becoming developed nation economic refugees.  Yet none dare describe it for what it is a world wide depression.

A couple of stories from the Guardian UK:


Many young people are seeking to emigrate rather than face a life of hardship as the republic lurches towards financial collapse

David Sharrock in Dublin

The Observer, Sunday 14 November 2010

Student Niamh Buffini works hard and plays hard. As Ireland‘s No 1 taekwondo martial arts practitioner – she is rated 12th in the world – her ambitions include winning Olympic gold for Ireland.

But by the end of this month her future will have been decided by forces not just beyond her control but seemingly those of her government also. Ireland is on the cusp of insolvency. Some economists argue that it already is.

Buffini will soon learn if her fees at the Institute of Technology in Tallaght, south Dublin, have climbed beyond her means. Her father is a self-employed builder, which has recently become a euphemism for “unemployed”.

“My class size will have dropped by 50% by next year,” Buffini said. “Even lecturers took part in the recent student protests over fees because society here is going to be left with very few educated people. My best friends have already left – they’re doing bar work in Spain and Australia.”

Last week was not a good week for Ireland. Speculation about a European Union-backed bailout pushed its borrowing costs to unprecedented heights.

Continue reading at:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/nov/14/ireland-economic-crisis


Ireland told: Take EU bailout or trigger crisis

Dublin warned it has 24 hours to make decision as EU emergency talks loom amid fears Irish banks’ contagion may spread to other eurozone countries

Henry McDonald, Elena Moya and Larry Elliott

guardian.co.uk, Monday 15 November 2010 17.59 GMT

An increasingly isolated Irish government was coming under mounting pressure tonight to seek an EU or International Monetary Fund bailout within 24 hours amid fears that contagion from its crippled banking sector might spread through the weaker eurozone countries.

Portugal, Spain, the European central bank and opposition parties urged Brian Cowen’s coalition government to remove the threat of a second crisis in six months by putting a firewall between Ireland and its 15 partners in the single currency.

With finance ministers from the eurozone due to hold emergency talks tomorrow night, financial markets were expecting Dublin to finalise negotiations with the EU over the terms of a deal to allow Ireland to rescue banks laid low by the collapse of the country’s construction boom.

“The Irish problem is spreading, but it could get more volatile,” said Ashok Shah, chief investment officer at London Capital, a fund management firm. “They have to get this bailout, they have a period of time before it gets impossible, before nasty things happen. The longer they leave it, the more difficult it will get.”

Continue reading at:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2010/nov/15/ireland-portugal-spain-european-debt-crisis

From The New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/16/business/global/16euro.html?_r=1&hp

Europe Fears That Debt Crisis Is Ready to Spread

Published: November 15, 2010

LONDON — European officials, increasingly concerned that the Continent’s debt crisis will spread, are warning that any new rescue plans may need to cover Portugal as well as Ireland to contain the problem they tried to resolve six months ago.

Any such plan would have to be preceded by a formal request for assistance from each country before it would be put in place. And for months now, Ireland has insisted that it has enough funds to keep it going until spring. Portugal says it, too, needs no help and emphasizes that it is in a stronger position than Ireland.

While some important details are different, the current situation feels eerily similar to what happened months ago in Greece, where the cost of borrowing rose precipitously.

European authorities stepped in with a rescue package, expecting an economic recovery and the creation of new European rescue funds to fend off future panics by bond investors whose money is needed by countries to refinance their debt.

But with economic conditions weakening, markets are once again in turmoil. Rescuing Ireland may no longer be enough.

Stronger countries and weaker countries using the common currency of the euro are being pulled in different directions.

Continue reading at:  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/16/business/global/16euro.html?_r=1&hp

Naomi Klein (Shock Doctrine) and John Perkins (Economic Hit Man) along with this film (Inside Job) lay out the magnitude of the crimes committed by the ultra rich masters of the universe as well as how they did it.

Perhaps it is time for us to reread Marx’s Capital and think what is to be done about it.

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