The Phyllabuster ponders on why even bother to vote this Tuesday – Phyllis Randolph Frye

The Phyllabuster ponders on why even bother to vote this Tuesday

I feel certain that this may make some folks angry and that I will get some REMOVEs to my list.   Well, I feel this needs to be said.  And if you are one of my Republican friends (and I have many Republican friends), please consider the entirety of this message.

I have watched with interest as a kid or as a volunteer for and as a voter in elections since IKE ran in 1956.  I have never seen anything as ugly and violent as this election.  I remember the anti-catholic fervor during the Kennedy election.  And, I apologize for voting for Nixon in 1972.  I remember locally in the mid-1980’s in Houston when a so-called “Straight Slate” ran a field of anti-gay candidates for City Council.  As you might suspect,  almost every house within a hundred yards of our front yard had a “Straight Slate” sign in their front yard.  I remember the flak we got with our “Jesse Jackson for President” signs both times that he ran.  I remember when a leading candidate for mayor said “Kill the Queers” into an open microphone.  And I have represented in the criminal courts various citizens who were arrested and charged for no reason other that the bigotry and hatred from a particular rouge cop or two.

My parents were kids in the 1920’s and grew up in the Great Depression in the 1930’s and were young adults after World War II and watched with fear the entire Joe McCarthy witch-hunts.  They are both dead now, so I have a tad bit of forgiveness in my heart for their rejecting me.  I know that they were afraid of what other people might say or do to them as a result of being related to the “super-out-tranny,” ME.

And I have always wondered at how the Brown-shirted thugs took power as a minority in 1930’s Germany.  So many historians and documentaries have commented that the majority parties thought that they could keep the minority extremists in check.  People were angry with the economic situation.  The corporate barons felt that the order brought by this minority was good for business.  And so slowing things began to change for the worst.
The thuggery that is coming out in this election cycle is frightening to me.  Candidates are having their private security “arrest and cuff?” the media.  (and not being arrested themselves for false imprisonment!)  Candidate supporters are stomping on women’s heads.  (and not being arrested themselves for assault?)  We had a violent incident just yesterday in Houston.

The Tea-Party candidates who have co-opted the once moderation in the Republican Party will not talk to the media (Fox News is not media).  And their ideas are extreme.  Give social security to the stock market.  End medicare.  End separation of church and state.  No abortion for kids raped by fathers.  And on.

So, as I ponder to why even bother to vote this Tuesday, I hear from my friends on the left and in the center that they feel let down.  So do I.  I wanted a lot more out of this President and out of this Congress.

But consider this:

in all but a few cases, the House and Senate Republicans refused to do anything but block legislation and nominations. they did all they could to block everything.
they are embracing candidates who are EXTREME!
they are trying to buy this election with untraceable corporate money.

Okay, be angry or be disappointed, but don’t give the keys to power back to the folks who screwed up the economy so badly it is still on life support and who will block everything for another two years.  If the Tea Party co-opted Republicans take over, they do NOT have your interests in mind

The end of our Democracy could begin on November 2 unless you vote to say NO to filibusters and blockage, NO to the extremists who do not have your interests at heart, and NO to the big money buying this election.
Even if you have to hold-your-nose, please get up off your seat and vote on Tuesday.
And insist that someone goes with you.

Sitting this one out because you are disappointed is NOT IN YOUR BEST INTEREST.
Phyllis Randolph Frye

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