Archdiocese opposes legalizing gay marriage in District of Columbia

The Catholic Taliban opposes the equality of LGBT/TQ people…  Why am I not surprised?  I think they are afraid that if LGBT/TQ people had full equality the repressed gay men they turn in to child molesters would find an alternative to the miserable lives of the priesthood.

Catholic News Service:
By Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The Washington Archdiocese said in written testimony Oct. 26 that it opposes legislation to allow same-sex marriages to be performed in the District of Columbia and is concerned the bill “would restrict the free exercise of religious beliefs if it is passed as drafted.”

The archdiocese said it “opposes this legislation and any effort to redefine marriage as other than that between a man and a woman.”

“Besides overturning the definition of marriage,” it said, the bill has no exemptions for churches and faith-based organizations that oppose gay marriage for religious reasons but provide services to the general public or rent space to individuals or groups outside their faith.

Citing the Knights of Columbus and religiously-owned nonprofits such as Catholic Charities as examples, it said that under the measure they would be forced to offer their facilities and services to same-sex couples or face a lawsuit.

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