In 2009 I Paid more Income Taxes than Bank America, Wells Fargo, Citi and GE Combined

I was watching Rachel Maddow this evening (10/21/10) when I learned the most startling piece of fucking mind blowing information I’ve gathered in a long time.

Last year I was a working class prole eking out a living working on the concrete floor of a big box store. Yet I had to pay several hundred dollars in federal income taxes.

Not to mention more money for Social Security that will help save my tired ass in a couple of years if the fucking Republi-Nazis don’t get their mitts on it.

Yet the several hundred dollars that a near poverty level working person like me paid was more in Federal Income Taxes than were paid by Bank of America and Wells Fargo ( )

Charlotte Observer:

This tax season will be kind to Bank of America and Wells Fargo: It appears that neither bank will have to pay federal income taxes for 2009.

Read the whole story: Charlotte Observer

And according to Rachel Maddow I paid more even if you added the amount not paid by Citi and GE.

I’m not complaining about my taxes.  I didn’t think they were an excessive price to paid as my share of keeping America functioning.

But apparently paying nothing and even getting subsidized by the nation is not enough to satisfy the greed pig Corporate Elite, the Gordon Geckos who have looted the nation.

No they are using their money to finance the campaigns of incompetent Christo-Fascists, Neo-Nazis and Klu Kluckers.

What is wrong with this picture.

Why do those of us who earn so little get asked to pay what little we earn to enrich these bastards?

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