Yet Another Reminder That We Went With The Wrong Candidate

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  1. Caroline Says:

    Guess you did choose the wrong one.

    • Suzan Says:

      I didn’t. I voted for her in the Primary and attended the caucus for her too.

      Today I exercised my right to vote early. Straight Democratic ticket except for one Green and I only voted for him because the alternatives were Republi-Nazis or Libertarians.

      If the only choices were Republi-Nazis or Libertarians then I voted for neither.

  2. Andrea B Says:

    What is Clintons opinion on the defence of marriage act, which her husband signed into power?

    • Suzan Says:

      Slightly more progressive than Obama. The difference is that she is more progressive than the Reagan admiring Obama on almost any thing one compares them on.

  3. Andrea B Says:

    You haven’t answered my question.

    What was her opinion of the defense of marriage act?

    Doesn’t matter if she is a slight bit more progressive. All the leaders are so far to the right it is like asking the difference bwteeen Herman Goering and Martin Borrman. In the grand scheme of things, no difference in reality.

    It is not people like Clinton that is needed. I have yet to hear her apologise for the defense of marriage act.

    It is people who actually belief in equality and not in absolute power for the sake of it.

    Every potential political leader in the USA at present is a nutjob who would gladly round us up, if it mean’t more power.

    Thats the problem.

    • Suzan Says:

      Hillary’s position on DOMA was initially the same as Obama’s , “Civil Unions as substitute for Marriage”. Her position has moved to the left of Obama’s with support for recognition of both. Her positions are amenable to change, his are just lame.

      From Femisting:
      The State Department under Hillary Clinton has been better than any other federal agency. She has extended domestic partner benefits, simplified and clarified gender changes on passports, and generally rocked the fuck out. (Yes, she even wore purple yesterday in solidarity! Check out the picture of her in the situation room.) Still, I was disappointed by the passivity of her message. I wish she had pledged to push her boss — who has dragged his feet on changing policies while many major gay-rights battles have played out in the courts instead — to increase opportunities for LGBTQ Americans.
      Hillary in purple

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