California: Judge Signals She’ll Let Ruling on Military Policy Stand

From The New York Times:

October 19, 2010


A federal district judge in California said Monday that she is inclined to deny the government’s request to allow the Pentagon to enforce its “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gay and bisexual members of the military while her injunction against it is being appealed. “My tentative ruling is to deny the application for a stay,” Judge Virginia A. Phillips said at a hearing on the government’s request, according to Reuters. She is expected to issue a ruling to that effect on Tuesday. The Obama administration has defended the law, arguing that change should come from Congress, not the courts; last week the Department of Justice gave notice that if the request for a stay was denied or not resolved by Monday at noon, it intended to appeal to the Ninth Circuit “to allow the orderly litigation of the stay request before that court.”

Our “Fiercest Advocate” sic Obama once again panders to the ultra right wing neo-Nazis rather than support the people who elected him and supported him.  How freaking clueless is this guy, anyhow.  Working people, women, queers and people of color are your base.  We didn’t elect him to pander to some sort of moderate right wing conservative set that exists only in the minds of the DLC/DNC.

Yeah we are pissed off about Health Care Reform.  You fucked us good by surrendering to the Daddy Big Bucks Insurance Corporations instead of Nationalizing the process and ending the Corporate Death Panels who decide Mercedes payments for their big buck guys are worth denying claims.

Our “Fiercest Advocate” hasn’t done shit for LGBT/TQ people.

He is more right wing than Eisenhower.  Eisenhower didn’t appeal Brown vs The Topeka Board of Education decission.  He didn’t say that congress should make the laws and policies.  He sent troops to Little Rock to protect the kids right to attend the same schools as white kids.

Obama would have look for compromise.

I’m voting today.  I’ll vote straight Democratic Party ticket.  But damn it.  It is time for the creation of a party that represents the interests of the people instead of the corporations.


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