Blahnik house mother murdered

Yet another sister murdered. And as was all too often ignored in the early years of Days of Remembrance she was a woman of color.  The victims of these crime all to often share common factors besides having one trans-prefixed label or another attached to them.  They are most often people of color and/or poor and unemployed.

From The Philadelphia Gay News:

A well-known local transgender woman who was a fixture in the ballroom community was murdered in her home this week in South Philadelphia.

The body of Stacey Blahnik, 31, was discovered shortly after 9:30 p.m. Oct. 11 by a man reported to be her partner in a second-story bedroom of her rowhome. Police were called to the house, 1805 Manton St., and pronounced her dead at 9:43 p.m.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Ray Evers said Blahnik, whose birth name is Michael Lee, was strangled with a pillowcase.

The Medical Examiner’s Office classified the death a homicide Wednesday morning, with the cause of death listed as ligature strangulation.

Evers said investigators have not yet determined a motive or suspects in the killing.

“The homicide squad is working on it, so hopefully they will be able to shed some light on this once they go through the evidence and the interviews,” Evers said.

Blahnik served as the Overall House Mother for House of Blahnik.

Local trans activist Jaci Adams said rumors about Blahnik’s death began swirling shortly after her body was found, but urged the community to be patient until more facts are uncovered.

“The girls need to be safe, but we don’t know the details yet,” Adams said.

Adams said Blahnik did not have any makeup on at the time of her death, which she said could be a telling sign.

“She was found without any makeup on, which to us implies that this could have been personal or somebody she was already comfortable with,” Adams suggested. “If I had someone over my house and I wasn’t made up, it would be someone who knew me and someone that I felt comfortable with.”

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