Monday There Was A Very dusturbing Comment Left On This Blog

It was left by someone who had posted here before but this time she chose anonymity.

I lacked an easy answer for her question.

I seen so many sisters die too young.

Life is so very hard for people with transsexualism or transgenderism, even more so if they are unable to fit in as members of the sex they transition to although that is often in their own mental picture of themselves and women come in such a wide range of shapes and sizes as well as levels of beauty.

I had/have another blog I started some six months before I started this blog.  It is very hard core left political. A few months after I started it, shortly after Obama was elected president something happened in Austin that had a profound effect on me.

Jennifer Gale, to all accounts a kind and gentle soul who helped Austin live up to its popular motto, “Keep Austin Weird!” died of exposure. She was a veteran, perhaps a bit crazy but even if she hadn’t started out that way being homeless tends to make people crazy in short order.  She was a TG/TS woman, perhaps a bit odd in appearance.

But you know something?  Being different shouldn’t be a freaking crime.

And in a country with so many fucking millionaires and billionaires no one should freeze to death on the streets.

I was a hippie in the 1960s.  I lived in a collective.  Wore thrift store and free clothes.  We ran food collectives and made big pots of beans and soups.

The Reagan Revolution’s war on the poor totally sucks.

The real unemployment in this country is running 15-20%.  And the rich who have waged war on the poor these last 30 years complain about paying their fair share of taxes.

So people fucking starve to death.  Veterans missing limbs beg on the streets.  “Only a drunken Bum.” say the people in the Lexus and Benzs.

It isn’t just TG/TS people who are on the edge of homelessness either.

Over 50, female and unemployed…  Say hello to the big box concrete floor…

Be thankful you have a job at all, even part time with out benefits.  And the Republi-Nazis want to cut or end Social Security.

1960s communes were difficult at best and yet with people willing to live sober and contribute to both the support and work of running a commune would permit people to pool resources and rent a place to live.

A place where shared resources would mean an ability to cook nutritious meals at a fraction of the cost of fast food.

Clothes can be bought at thrift stores and in some cities like San Francisco and Berkeley people have real “free trade meets” that are sort of like garage sales except everything is free.

Job hunting requires a home phone with answering and a computer.  One person who is down and out might not be able to afford those things or have a place to plug them in but by pooling resources perhaps 3 or 4 people living under the same roof could afford those things.

If one has some benefits from the government there are ways to stretch those by scavenging or working off the books.

We are told we should all aspire to the lifestyle that at most 5% of the population can afford to live.

When I was a hippie we lived with seriously down scaled aspirations.

Couples have a better chance of surviving than single individuals.  People with a support network have a better chance than those who view themselves as rugged individualists.

Transsexual and transgender people have a tendency to think the only people that will be friends with them and offer support are other TS/TG people but there are other alternative communities of non-straight heterosexual bohemian folks who are often willing to be part of our support system.

If you drink or take hard drugs getting clean and sober increases your ability to survive.  I know that from personal experience.

With the process of getting clean and sober opportunities open up.

I don’t have all the answers.

I do know the economy is hitting a lot of people hard and that is why I occasionally put up survival hints.

People are un-employed or under-employed.  Renters are being evicted and homes foreclosed upon.

Maybe we have to revive a phrase that was old when I first started using it in the 1960s, “Come the revolution…  But until then…”

We are in a depression not a recession.  The media lies to us because without propaganda about how wonderful capitalism is and how horrible socialism is we wouldn’t put up with the class war that has been waged on people who work for a living.

2 Responses to “Monday There Was A Very dusturbing Comment Left On This Blog”

  1. Willow Arune Says:

    I agree that the US is in a depression. All signs point to it.

    We are thus far very lucky up here. Firstly, we have a working and valued social safety net. Not simply Medicare (although that is a large part of it) but the net opens fairly wide and provides almost enough to get by. Second, we have a well regulated banking industry, so no bank failures at all.
    Third, but perhaps most important (and I say this having lived in both countries) we seem to have a much more compassionate society. The US seems to revolve around money, getting more and more of it, spending it LV style, and if you have lots, you should demand even more. Like teh greed of Wall Street. I think up here were are satisfied with less, be one rich or poor. Well, our rich tend to hide better – or in other countries…

    We occasionally watch “Judge Judy”. Anyone on disability is hammered, told to get a job or three. It is assumed anyone on assistance is bad. Heck the past mayor of Vancouver was both disabled and in a wheel chair and known to have been on welfare for several years. He got elected and I cannot recall his opponents every referring to his past. Our ex-Prime Minister was not only French, but had a droop to one side of his mouth. When one other party referred to that, it lost votes and the election. In the US, it seems, candidates have to be TV types.

    Of course, it helps that we are not a super power and have not been in constant wars since the close of WW2. We don’t have all the toys that military types want, but it seems to me that the Taliban and Al Queda don’t have too many drones either (even if the Bushies assumed bad Saddam Husein was loading ships with drones to bomb the US).

    I am admittedly bias. I cannot understand why socialism is a bad word, why your idea of freedom is better than ours, why you assume that others want to “take your freedom”. Guns are another strange issue to us north of the border. We ain’t perfect. We have a lot of problems with zealous police and First Nations (Indians, to you) and perhaps having two language makes it a bit harder. Multiculuralism works for us, even if it makes life a bit complcated at times. Still, the closest we have to a Palin or a O’Donnell is.. our present Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stockwell Day – and he has been very quiet of late after it became known that he was one of those strange “Creationists”. Our politicans hide any relgious activity save funerals and other such things. We have only 10% “evenagelical Christians” instead of your 45%.

    And all of us are going to hell, of course. All of us. With you guys, some are, some arn’t or so it is claimed.

    • Suzan Says:

      I doubt Canada is exempt because it too is caught up in the G20/WTO etc.

      I’m looking at Europe and at least the workers kept something during this whole free market insanity but even they are having to fight austerity measures put in to transfer wealth to the rich.

      It was a Canadian, Naomi Klein who woke me up to how and why all this is happening with her book, “The Shock Doctrine”.

      But you are right about Canada having a different ethos.

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