Fair Housing is an LGBT/TQ Issue

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

The housing market has been tough.

And in the LGBT/TQ community, we face added insecurity because there are no legislative federal fair housing protections for marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

No one should be evicted, be kept from living where they want to live or pay more rent simply because of who they are. And no one should have to lie about who they are in order to have safe housing.
Recent studies by the Task Force show that’s exactly what is happening in the LGBT community:

11 percent of transgender people reported having been evicted and 19 percent reported becoming homeless due to bias.

While the general population has a home ownership rate of 68 percent, only 32 percent of transgender people do, and they are missing out on the stability and security of owning their own home.

Due to the lack of equality in federal safety net programs like Social Security and the lack of LGBT-friendly elder housing, LGBT seniors face even higher rates of housing insecurity.

Simply put, everyone – including LGBT/TQ people – should have equal access to safe housing.
And while many states prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, robust federal protections are still needed.

Ending housing discrimination is an issue that deserves attention in the next Congress. With the election less than 3 weeks away, we need your vote to help keep this issue at the forefront and give the LGBT/TQ community the opportunity to take care of ourselves and families in safe homes.
Please sign our pledge to vote and tell 5 friends about it.

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