Shocking: College Rapists Almost Always Get Off the Hook

We often view the shockingly light sentences meted out to criminals who rape, assault and murder women with transsexualism or transgenderism as something we have given the special name, “transphobia”. But in many ways the crimes against us and the light sentences given the perpetrators are a reflection of misogyny, or woman hating that treats women as lesser human beings.  Objects who exist for men’s pleasure, an ideology as that pre-dates even the Old Testament, which is the foundation of the desert monotheistic religions, but which is evidenced in the myths of creation.

Rape victims are blamed rather than rapists.  “She did something to lead him on.”  “She inflamed his lust by wearing those jeans, t-shirt and hoodie.” Or:  “That trannie he picked up in that trannie bar deceived him.  Therefore he was justified in murdering her.  Because she inflamed his lust and he was conflicted.”  (But not too conflicted apparently to go to a trannie bar in the first place.”

We allow this to happen because we are a misogynistic society that believes in male supremacy and female inferiority.

Lately I have challenged the idea of boy brains/girl brains.  the evidence for the men are from Mars/women are from Venus smells like misogyny and a way of perpetuating female inferiority.  Not to mention how sketchy the boy brain/girl brain evidence is.

From Alternet:

By Catherine Traywick


While a man who rapes off-campus could face years in jail for his crime, a man who rapes on-campus is unlikely to even be expelled.
October 10, 2010 |
Two Michigan State University basketball players accused of sexually assaulting a young woman in their dorm are off the hook, according to a report released by The Michigan Messenger.

Many elements of the case are typical of campus acquaintance rape scenarios. The accused are college athletes and the assault allegedly occurred after a night of drinking and casual socializing:

The victim told police the players penetrated her in various positions. The victim told detectives the players allegedly asked her ‘how does that feel?’ and ‘how do you want it?’ The victim says she told the players she didn’t want it and gave ‘other indicators she was not a willing participant.’

The victim told police that the players pinned her down, but at one point she freed her arms momentarily and struck one in the face. In response, he allegedly said, “Don’t. Just relax. C’mon baby,” as he continued to assault her.

But what sets this particular case apart from others is that one of the accused players actually corroborates the victim’s statement, admitting to authorities that he knew the young woman was unwilling:

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