Credit Where Credit is Due

As loathsome as I find Christine O’Donnell, as dimwitted and contrary as she is she was right about one thing this last week  and Rachel Maddow was wrong.

Christine O’Donnell said she admired Hillary Clinton and had seen ads suggesting Hillary should run in 2012. She also said that there are many people who think she would have been a far better President than Barrack Obama.

I agree.  At least she seems as though she would  be willing to use the power of the Presidency while Obama seems…  Well sort of too accommodating to the right wing.

Remember Hillary actually had the courage to name “The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”.

Obama…  Not so much.  Instead he blithered  on about how great Reagan was and how the country needed him to end the excesses of the 1960s and 70s.

Rachel was also wrong about there not being Democrats who think Obama should face primary challengers and that Hillary should be one of them.

Perhaps it is a matter of the stopped clock being right twice a day, but Christine O’Donnell was right and Rachel was wrong.

Happy 70th Birthday John ~ October 9, 2010

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