Staten Island brutes busted in Stonewall gay bashing

LGBT/TQ people need to start bashing back.  There is no good reason why a couple of straight thugs should be able to walk away from a gay bar after beating up an LGBT/TQ person.  They should be the ones leaving on a stretcher.  With crushed testicles.

Bash Back!

The New York Post:


Last Updated: 1:00 PM, October 5, 2010

Somebody give these thugs a history lesson.

Two homophobic Staten Island men brutally bashed a man in the restroom of the famed Stonewall Inn — the birthplace of the gay rights movement — after demanding to know if it was a gay bar and calling him a “f——,” authorities said yesterday.

But their victim, 34-year-old Benjamin Carver, bravely fought back against their cowardly attack — and his boyfriend and Stonewall Inn staff pursued them out of the bar.

“I was never afraid, throughout the whole experience,” Carver told The Post yesterday.

“To so many of these bullies, they think that gay people are an easy target, and that we’re just going to give in. Those two guys found out that night that’s not the case,” said the scrappy Washington, DC, resident.

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