Getting Older:

Sometimes it seems like the majority of “trans-blogs” focus only on the trans stuff of transition and special oppressions and obstructions.  But before we are transsexual or transgender we are people complete with our often unique life experiences and our shared cultures.

Since I started this blog and I started including a lot of other elements and issues.  I’m a left winger with an anarchist streak, so I talk about politics.  I’m a feminist so I talk about women’s issues.  I’m a lesbian so I talk about LGBT/TQA issues.

I’m working class so I talk about the economy, unions, and class issues.

I’m getting old so I write about issues facing older people  I recently discovered a site called Time Goes By that deals with the issues of getting older.

I’ve discovered that getting older isn’t for wimps or sissies.  And today two separate places had articles regarding two people who are near the top of any list of people I most respect.

The New York Times:

When people ask me where I got my politics and how come I grew up to be such a radical, I say, “It’s all Pete Seeger’s fault.”

‘Letters to Answer, and Logs to Split’

Pete Seeger


Published: October 1, 2010

At Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday celebration last year at Madison Square Garden, Bruce Springsteen called him America’s granddad, but with “a steely toughness that belies that grandfatherly facade.” Now 91, he has just written a new song addressing the Gulf oil spill and, in July, released a new album, “Tomorrow’s Children,” on Appleseed Recordings.

Mr. Seeger and his wife of 67 years, Toshi-Aline Ôhta, spend Sundays around the Dutchess County house he built by hand, unless he grabs his banjo and ventures out to the Beacon Sloop Club. He helped build that, too, by tricking people into volunteering. “I called it a pot-luck supper, and 30 people showed up,” he said. “Food is one of the great organizing tools.”

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And then there is Joan Baez

From Time Goes By:

Diamonds and Rust performed at Camp Casey

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Protest outside nightclub Crown


Text: Kenan Habul

Updated October 3, 2010 11:39 Published October 3, 2010 0:19 2010-10-03 00:19:57


“No to the trans-phobia” and “stop hate” shouted hundreds of protesters at 23 o’clock outside Crown nightclub in Malmö.

The reason for the hour-long manifestation is that four Turkish participants at the International Conference transgender TGEU in Malmo was attacked by racist taunts and eggs when they visited a restaurant last Thursday.

– Above all, we protest against police treatment, “says Malinda Flodman, Press Secretary to RFSL .

In a statement read out in the evening, the Malmö police a proper boot.

– When the activists tried to report attacks, they were violated by extraneous issues.  The police wondered why they look like they are doing and if they are right to be in Sweden , “says Malinda Flodman .

One of the activists also got a slap in the face of a visitor to the nightclub Crown during Friday evening.  But it was the activist who was thrown out.  Because of police treatment of nonsense activists to report it, according RFSL.

Matilda Flodman says that Malmo police have promised to do an internal investigation.  Sydsvenskan managed at midnight did not find any manager at Crown.

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