Why Do Neo-Nazi anti-Gay Bigots all Look Gay? II

I caught a clip of,  Andrew Shirvell, the Michigan Assistant Attorney General who is harassing the gay student who is the Michigan State University Assembly President.

They showed Andrew Shirvell on CNN and he is one of those queens with the obviousness written on his body and in his mannerisms.  The Gaydar needle totally red zones with this closet queen.

He needs disbarment for criminal harassment and psychotherapy to come to grips with his gayness so he can find a boy friend instead of spewing hatred towards gay people with the decency and courage to live their lives as proud members of the LGBT/TQA communities.

2 Responses to “Why Do Neo-Nazi anti-Gay Bigots all Look Gay? II”

  1. JinianVictoria Says:

    So its not just me….i have often wondered the same thing

  2. Andrea B Says:


    A hard fact. All nazi anti gays are all gay.

    As my neighbour said recently when we were surfing youtube laughing at all the hardline homophobes, they are all gayer than gay. Every Time I look at them on youtube, I find it very hard not to think of them wearing a tiara, some leather and mincing so much that local gays beat them up for enforcing the sterotype.

    Look at the pope. The ex Hitler youth piece of shit, wears a dress and openly talks about his red patent prada shoes. He might as well tattoo the word GAY on his forehead.

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