Europeans protest, strike against austerity moves

Corporations exist to make profits for their owners.  That is their sole purpose.  Governments exist to protect the people’s rights.  The idea that corporations deserve the same rights as people is a legal fiction.

The Free Market must go.  It is an abject failure.  The Free Market advocates quote Adam Smith the same selective way Christo-fascists quote the Bible.  Their real god is Ayn Rand, a talentless hack much beloved by the John Birch Society and other ultra right wing neo-Nazi organizations.

Naomi Klein’s book “Shock Doctrine” details what the IMF and GATT did in South America and in Africa.  How money was lent to nations and how they were urged to privatize their governmental functions with the lie of efficiency.  Privatized functions cost the tax payers as much or more and give less as private corporations sole purpose is to make money for its owners.

It makes its profits on the backs of the workers.  Profits are generated by the gap between the cost of labor and materials and the price the product or service is sold for.

Wealth is power.

The freest societies are those where the gap between the incomes of the lowest paid workers and the highest paid are the smallest.  The least free are those societies where the bulk of all wealth is in the hands of a small minority with the bulk of the population subsisting on a minority portion of the wealth.  That constitutes an oligarchy since wealth is automatically power and creates a power as well as wealth differential.

Under Keynesian economics government regulated the economy by providing a safety net of services and jobs as well as a policy of progressive taxation that effective limited the consolidations of all power in the hands of a few.

Call me a commie if you will but Marx and Engels were right.  Americans are kept stupid by an educational system that keeps them ignorant of their history, science, and economics.  Wealth is power and only the wealthy are really educated.  The majority are kept stupid by religion, media based commercialism from infancy, distracted from their personal exploitation by a constant stream of increasingly violent sports spectacles and the meaningless trivia regarding the lives of entertainers including the clowns of right wing media who substitute bombast for real honest information.

In Europe workers who know the score and how the government/corporate partnership that characterizes fascism are fucking the working people over are in the streets rioting against austerity measures.

In Spain

In Brussels

By David Brunnstrom

BRUSSELS, Sept 29 (Reuters) – Tens of thousands of people marched in a day of protests across Europe on Wednesday against government austerity measures that unions say will slow economic recovery and punish the poor.

Big marches were held in Brussels, in Portugal’s capital Lisbon and its northern city of Porto, and Spanish unions staged a general strike.

Unions called protests in 10 other capitals against steps such as spending cuts and pension and labour market reforms.

In Brussels, they said they achieved their goal of bringing 100,000 people onto the streets, but police put the figure at 56,000 and said 218 people were detained for minor offences.

Unions said 50,000 joined the Lisbon March and 20,000 in Porto. Portuguese police gave no estimates and attendance at other rallies appeared to be much smaller.

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