Survival Hints: Can You Say The Phrase, “Peak Oil”?

Now might be a good time to dump the gas guzzling SUV and think about super insulating your house if you own rather than renting.

The film “Collapse” hit me pretty much the same way Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” did, which is to say it was another4 major piece in the puzzle that the corporations do not seem to want for us to see.

Some Assembly Required had a link today that took me to The Wall Street Journal, a right wing rag that has gotten even worse since being purchased by Rupert Murdoch.  When they bury little tidbits like this one…  It is time for concern…

Saudi Crude Output Falls 11.3% In 2009 Vs ’08 -Ctrl Bk

RIYADH (Zawya Dow Jones)-Saudi Arabia’s crude production fell 11.3% to 2.9 billion barrels in 2009 from 3.4 billion barrels in the year earlier, while exports fell 14.4% to 2.3 billion barrels, the country’s central bank said Sunday.

Proven oil reserves at the world’s top energy exporter were steady at 264.6 billion barrels at the end of last year, while …

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