Just About as Stealth as if you put up a Billboard

Trans mailing lists and blog comments are filled with nasty posts from trannie trolls and sock puppets all proclaiming how they are true transsexuals (Classic Transsexuals, HBS and other bullshit) and that those who don’t take up the party line of these self ordained arbiters of who is or isn’t a “real” transsexual are all “transgender identified”.

For people who claim to be so assimilated and disconnected from the worlds of transsexual and transgender people these folks seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trolling and posting their garbage to not only every blog put up by any person who is anyway related to anything transsexual or transgender but also in forums many of us abandoned years ago.  Like the Usenet..

Andrea James tracked a number of these people down and I have seen photographs of several of them.

The appearance of many of these people betrays their claims of assimilation into society.  Then there is the question of how they have the time?  I currently have more time than a few months ago due to having lost my job.  Many of these trolls are permanently unemployable and are on disability.

Often times the same truism that has entered popular thinking regarding homophobic pastors seems to also apply to these trolls and sock puppets.

The names they call reflect their own fears of being exactly what they are calling others.

But there is another level of self deception.  That is the idea that using these aliases gives them anonymity when every internet portal has an IP Address.  Or that connections can’t be made using Google or that some of us are not friends and won’t share info.

It’s kind of absurd to think that you are anonymous when I can track your IP to a street address that has a Google Earth view of your building.

You might as well wear the freaking “Transsexual Menace” t-shirt.  If you are on line it doesn’t matter if you use aliases or not.

So stop kidding yourself that you are so Anonymous.

Just today a blurb on “Some Assembly Required” pointed me to the following:

From Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/23/tmobile-claims-right-to-c_n_736216.html

T-Mobile Claims Right To Censor Text Messages


T-Mobile told a federal judge Wednesday it may pick and choose which text messages to deliver on its network in a case weighing whether wireless carriers have the same “must carry” obligations as wire-line telephone providers.

Read the whole story: wired.com

There are too many trannie “Klan” out there who seem to think donning a robe and hood of  imaginary invisibility gives them license to spread hatred everywhere and poison the discourse among people working to improve the lives of TS/TG people.

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