Well, It’s Autumn now……

The changing of the seasons.  Another year slips away.

From Cannonball Adderley”Something Else” featuring  Miles Davis ” Autumn Leaves”

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That ‘Official’ Poverty Rate? It’s Much Worse than You Think

From Alternet: http://www.alternet.org/economy/148255/that_%27official%27_poverty_rate_it%27s_much_worse_than_you_think/

The shocking poverty statistics released last week tell only part of the story.

By David DeGraw, AlterNet
Posted on September 23, 2010, Printed on September 23, 2010

While the shocking new poverty statistics from the Census Bureau indicating that a record 43.6 million Americans lived in poverty in 2009 emphatically demonstrates the severity of the economic crisis, the Census is drastically undercounting this demographic. Apparently the government’s poverty statistics are as accurate as its unemployment statistics.

I have read many reports that simply restate what the government has said without questioning the fact that the metrics it uses to calculate poverty are extremely outdated.

News reports say that in 2009 the poverty rate “skyrocketed” to 43.6 million — up from 39.8 million in 2008, which is the largest year-to-year increase, and the highest number since statistics have been recorded — putting the poverty rate for 2009 at 14.3 percent. This is obviously a tragedy and horrific news. However, this is also the result of lazy reporting.

Let’s revisit the 2008 Census total stating that 39.8 million Americans lived in poverty. It turns out that the National Academy of Science did its own study and found that 47.4 million Americans actually lived in poverty in 2008. The Census missed 7.6 million Americans living in poverty that year.

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Brazilian socialism distorts free markets to feed hungry poor and dying babies

From Wired: http://www.wired.com/beyond_the_beyond/2010/09/brazilian-socialism-distorts-free-markets-to-feed-hungry-poor-and-dying-babies/

By Bruce Sterling

*There are people around North America who’ve never seen any existing socialism, so they have no real idea what “socialism” is. So, you know, this article describes what that is. A labor-union party takes power, and they feed the poor voters by government fiat. Simple really.

*Socialism is a major bureaucratic drag, unless you’re starving, or weirdly obese or malnourished, or a fifth of the children in your country are living in poverty. Actually, what’s really needed to make socialism more or less work is large organized cadres of militant and patient socialists. People who don’t mind filling milk-powder packets and hanging out with poor folk all day.

*A lot of countries don’t have anybody that patriotic.

*On the other hand, the USA is full of gold-hoarding Glenn Beck fans who are convinced we’ll all be starving any minute. This is what that would look like. You know: radical government intervention to keep the abjectly poor from starving to death.

*There are also a lot of green leftie types who are very keen on resilient urban agriculture and food co-ops. This is what that would look like in practice. Dull. Dull, and really talky, with lots of production statistics.

*Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Continue reading at:  http://www.wired.com/beyond_the_beyond/2010/09/brazilian-socialism-distorts-free-markets-to-feed-hungry-poor-and-dying-babies/

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