We Missed Pride Day….

We started out with the best of intentions.

Map Quested out the route.

Slathered ourselves in sun block.

Started out with what we believed to be plenty of time.  Got there and drove around for about an hour before finding parking a long way from the parade.

We started the trek to the parade, got a couple of blocks and decided… No…  We are not doing this one to stand in the sun getting burned for a couple of hours only to trudge back to the car.

So we looked at each other and I asked, “Tina are you really certain you want to do this? Cause I’m not.”  She said, “Of course I want to do it.”  I said, “I don’t..”

So we went to brunch near by or actually lunch since they don’t have a Sunday Brunch.

Getting old sucks…  Better planning might have helped.  Like getting there early and then having lunch/brunch before the parade.

But as a result… No photos.

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  1. tinagrrl Says:

    We started walking — it was hot. After a couple of blocks, we realized getting to the parade required a walk of about 1 1/2 miles. Suzy asked if I wanted to go on — I asked if SHE wanted to continue — She ASKED if I wanted to continue — I asked if …………………………. we both began laughing. It was silly. It seemed neither of us wanted to walk that far, stand out in the hot sun, and walk back.

    Instead we went to a place named Good Eats. They were good eats — not gourmet, not fast food, not tricked out — just plain (and not so plain) good eats. Then we went home.

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