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Last night on the Bill Maher Show he showed a clip of Christine O’Donnell, the Tea Bagger Candidate for Senate from Delaware .  This is the woman who equated masturbation with adultery.  I hereby propose that when one is in search of a euphemism for riding the Hitachi dirt bike up Pleasure Mountain that one call it O’Donnelling oneself.

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  1. Andrea B Says:

    Just my thoughts on US politics, people of Appalachian descent and what is wrong in general. I am sure everyone will disagree with me.

    By GOP and lunatic standards, Christine O’Donnell is more interesting than most, in a bizzare way.

    She keeps quoting that the USA was built by people from the Appalachians, which in reality it was. A politician actually got a fact right. A dangerous fact to let out of the bag in modern US politics. It was them who fought of the English, destroyed the Indians and forced out the Spanish and French. That was mostly by slaughter, out breeding everyone around them, threats and generally being more bloody minded than anyone else.

    The mostly Presbyterian people from Ulster (the North of Ireland) who immigrated to the area of the Appalachians and other areas controlled by the British Crown at the invitation of James Logan, from after the siege of Derry in 1689 until about 1800, would not have tolerated an O’Donnell in there midst, or would have very grudgingly. Most likely they would have been killed upon identification, as a betrayer, coward and traitor. James Logan would have known that by inviting people from the frontiers of Ulster he was laying the seeds for the destruction of rule by the British Crown and English Puritans, who now sadly run the United Sates through trickery, deceit, lies and misdirection in the form of control of the Republican Party, Tea party, newspapers, Fox Media and by wrestling control of the Democrats from the inheritors of Andrew Jackson.

    Those people were brought specifically from Ulster to the then Indian frontier in the USA because, English, German, Scandinavian, Russia, French or other settlers could not stand up in any way to the native Indians without military assistance. The Indians found out quickly why the Spanish, French and British were wary of getting in a fight with the people from Ulster and usually hired them to fight for them.

    The people of the south of Ireland, despised the O’Donnell’s at the time, due to them being cowards who fled and left them in lurch to face the English on there own, after the flight of the Earls.

    The Irish famine started a wave of immigration from 1845 to 1852 that was mostly from the catholic southern two thirds of Ireland, even though a large proportion would have left from the posts of Derry, Coleraine and Rathmullen in the North. It was very rare for people from Ireland who had settled in the USA before that to have the name O’Donnell. The catholic Irish only came after the Great Irish Famine.

    Christine O’Donnell comes out with the same crap as Sarah Palin. There message is not that of the original settlers of the Appalachians. There message is that of the English puritans which the Ulster-Scots settlers of the Appalachians detested, ignored, despised and eventually slaughtered, in the wars of 1775–1783 and 1812-1815. The English puritans wanted to stay part of the British Crown and were opposed to American independence. The puritans had been granted massive tracts of lands from the British Crown and fought against USA independence.

    Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell strangely appear to be quoting Puritan ideas from that time, that opposed the independence of the United States of America.

    The last leader in the USA from the same mindset and culture of the Appalachian settlers was Andrew Jackson, who was conceived in Ulster and born in the United States of American. His body guards had to protect an assassin from him who had tried to kill him, so as to stop him killing the assassin. Compare that action with Republican, Tea Party or Democrat party people today, who would cower at the first sign of threat.

    A meeting today between Andrew Jackson and anyone out of the Tea Party, Republican Party, a journalist, TV news anchorman or Democrat Party would most likely be extremely short and end with Jackson beating the crap out of them for good reason.

    Andrew Jackson was the last leader of the United States who had the guts and determination to stand up to vested interests in Washington DC, including the bankers, whom he stood up to.

    When Andrew Jackson vetoed the renewal of the national Bank, he gave the following reasons;

    It concentrated the nation’s financial strength in a single institution.
    It exposed the government to control by foreign interests.
    It served mainly to make the rich richer.
    It exercised too much control over members of Congress.
    It favoured north-eastern states over southern and western states.

    Compare that with the subservience to vested interests today in the USA from the Tea Party, Republican Party and Democrat Party.

    The only suggestions from a US president since then, that was in anyway radical or put forward anything that might benefit the ordinary people was by Franklin Roosevelt. New Deal was good. His idea for free health care at the end of world war 2, was a sadly missed opportunity, due to his death. Truman quietly dropped that idea.

    Every other change had to be brought about by people taking to the streets such as the civil rights movement, due to the spinelessness, vindictiveness and reactionary ideology of the political elite of all persuasions in the USA, which is mostly descended from English puritans, if anyone likes to admit it or not.

    I always read about US presidential candidates playing the military card, but rarely has one of them ever served in the military or actually been in combat. The thing is, if they had served in actual combat they would not be so eager to send young troops of to die, as they would know what war really is.

    Outside the USA every election is watched carefully. Everyone is always amazed at the idiots, imbeciles, arse licking morons and puppets that are candidates and elected. Unfortunately that appears to be spreading now to Europe, which is worrying. Attend any comedy club and you will see comedians covering European politicians as well as US and middle eastern politicians, due to the spread of idiots now in charge of countries.

    Maybe what the United States needs is someone like Andrew Jackson in charge for 8 years to completely annihilate the vested interests in Washington DC and then 8 years of a Roosevelt to improve the country for the ordinary people.

    As for anyone descended from the puritans, such as Palin. I think they need to be asked to leave the USA, before they destroy it completely. The only problem being, where the hell do you send them, as no one will want them.

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