Pol: Girl Scouts Are Lesbian Atheists

Where do the Republi-Nazis find these stupid animatronic Know Nothings.  I realize the Know Nothings are an American sub-culture replete with immigrant bashing that dates to the mid-19th century, but why resurrect this level of stupidity?

I forgot it is a way of distracting the base of ignorant home schooled/church schooled dumb white fucks whose sole use is as consumers of cheap crap made elsewhere.

Dumb fucks who work their asses off and own nothing while enriching the banks by paying usurious interest on credit cards and mortgages.

From The Advocate: http://advocate.com/News/Daily_News/2010/09/17/Politician_Says_Girl_Scouts_are_Lesbian_Atheists/

By Michelle Garcia


A candidate for the Washington State house of representatives said the Girl Scouts of America is a hotbed of lesbianism and atheism.

Hans Zeiger, the 25-year-old Republican nominee for Washington’s 25th district seat, once wrote on a conservative website that the Girl Scouts organization has been spared the same scrutiny of the Boy Scouts of America has faced regarding its rules against gay inclusion because the group allows lesbians and atheists, Change.org reports. He also charged the Girl Scouts with being a “pro-abortion, feminist training corps.”

The blog where Zeiger has made many similar statements is being swept of some of his more offensive posts, according to the report.

Zeiger, who was an Eagle Scout, is the author of two books, Reagan’s Children: Taking Back the City on the Hill and Get Off My Honor! The Assault on the Boy Scouts of America.

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