State tracks anti-Marcellus Shale drilling groups, notifies law enforcement

Yet another story about life in a Police state.  The problem with living in a world ruled by Corporations is that the people have no say in how the Corporations can rule the people.  They own the government, they own the police and the military.

We live in a Corporate/ Fascist/Police state.  With elected governments people at least have a say in the government.  As the corporations tighten their rule we are being given an illusion of elections and self-government.  We get to vote on Corporate selected, business friendly candidates.

We do not get the choice of any worker friendly, common people friendly candidates because that would be “socialist”.

Fuck it…  I want some socialism…  I want Nationalized Health Care, public education and strict regulation of Wall Street, the corporations and banks.

I want an end to privatization of energy and prisons.

I want citizens to once again have rights and the corporations to have strict rules.

I want the wealthy to be subjected to austerity measures to clean up the economic mess the Milton Friedman and his merry band of Ayn Randite free market assholes created.

I want an end to the Police State.

From The Patriot News: Pennsylvania:

Published: Tuesday, September 14, 2010, 8:00 AM


Big Driller may be watching you.

According to recently leaked documents, the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security has been tracking anti-gas drilling groups and their meetings — including a public screening of the film “Gasland,” a documentary about the environmental hazards of natural gas drilling. The office has included the information in its weekly intelligence bulletins sent to law enforcement agencies.

The bulletins are also sent to gas companies drilling in the Marcellus Shale.

Activists and environmental groups have responded with outrage and some alarm.

“There’s something dead-fishy here. … Something is rotten,” activist Gene Stilp said. He has called for a formal House and Senate inquiry into the activities of the Homeland Security office.

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Support Brittany Novotny

Sally Kern gives bat shit insanity a bad name.  I would support any Democrat or for that matter Green Party candidate who was running against her.

For all the bravado and talk about how ordinary we are WBTs still are required to “prove” we deserve to be treated as ordinary.

It isn’t enough that we run the  gamut from sex workers to Doctors, Lawyers and professors.  Getting the recognition that comes from having one of our sisters elected to office is an immense leap forward.  All the more so when we have the opportunity to support some one as gifted and progressive as Ms. Novotny in a race against a knuckle dragging right wing lunatic like Sally Kern.

I urge you to go to Brittany Novotny’s website and support her in any way you can.

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Study Finds Wider View of ‘Family’

From The New York Times


Published: September 15, 2010

A majority of Americans now say their definition of family includes same-sex couples with children, as well as married gay and lesbian couples.

At the same time, most Americans do not consider unmarried cohabiting couples, either heterosexual or same-sex, to be a family — unless they have children.

The findings — part of a survey conducted this year as well as in 2003 and 2006 by Brian Powell, a sociology professor at Indiana University, Bloomington — are reported in a new book, “Counted Out: Same-Sex Relations and Americans’ Definitions of Family,” to be published on Wednesday by the Russell Sage Foundation. Since the surveys began, the proportion of people who reported having a gay friend or relative rose 10 percentage points, said Professor Powell, the book’s lead author.

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