Employees Have No Rights

If an employer wants to fire you they can.  You have no rights.

You can than the Rich, the Corporations and their tools Republicrats and Democans who make up our elected officials.  they Red Baited the people who cared the most about worker’s rights out of the unions in the 1940s and 50s then they proceeded to kill the unions in the years since.

The Unions are the only things that insure workers have any rights.  Otherwise you are basically slaves.

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Fired Have Few Options

Even illegal dismissals are tough to prove in court

What happens if you think you have been fired for a bad reason?

If you are a private sector employee not under contract in the US, there are not many legal options to pursue unless you can prove a civil rights violation.

“Private-sector employees don’t have rights” in the US, said Charles Carver, a professor specializing in employment law at George Washington Law School.  An Employee can be fired for any reason.

For any legal reason that is. Workers can’t be dismissed for being whistle blowers, and federal law prohibits employers from dismissing or discriminating against workers because of their sex, national origin, religion, race, color, age or disabilities.  You can also sue an employer for violating an employment contract, and there are state by state definitions of wrongful terminations.

But then even a dismissal that would be illegal can be hard to prove.

“The courts have cut back on wrongful termination cases”, said Steve Paskoff, president of HR consultancy ELI and a former attorney with the government’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. “You want to have ‘smoking gun’ facts.”

Even if you do happen to press ahead with— and win– a lawsuit over losing a job, you might be better off settling for back pay and other damages rather than asking to be reinstated in your position.

There can be so much ill will folowing a legal battle that it would be better if the former employee didn’t return, Pashoff said.

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