Conservative media cry “class warfare” at prospect of less large tax cuts for top-earners

The rich know all about class war, they have been waging it on the poor and working class from time immemorial.  They squeal  like baby pigs at the very idea that the working class might be catching on to the inequality of the top 20% owning some 80% of all wealth and 93% of financial wealth while the bottom 80% of us are constantly seeing our piece of the pie being diminished in order to give the rich even more.

How about an austerity program for the rich.  The one that goes like this:  Since you folks control 93% of the real wealth you get to pay 93% of the money required to get us out of this mess your free market policies and scams got us into.

Class War, not just for the rich anymore…

Media Matters for America:

Conservative media cry “class warfare” at prospect of less large tax cuts for top-earners

Faced with the prospect of the top two income tax rates returning to where they were in 2000, conservative media have accused Democrats of engaging in “class warfare” to attack the “so-called rich.” Economists have said that extending the Bush tax cuts for top earners — which would reportedly cost $700 billion over ten years — would do little to stimulate the economy; moreover, households making more than $250,000 will still pay less in taxes under Obama’s plan than if all of the tax cuts were allowed to expire as Republicans originally scheduled them to do.

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Survival Hint 3: Be Careful Who You Donate to

One of the first things transsexual to female people and transgender women perhaps even more so experience is a loss of income.  Part of that is anti-trans discrimination.  Rampant unemployment levels that are compounded by matters such as age, lack of documentation.  Previous work experience in your birth name with employers who feel compelled to share the details regarding your transition.

All this leads to us tending to be part of an economically oppressed community.  This tends to leave us vulnerable to being preyed upon by everyone from “work at home” scams to “payday loans”.

Lots of us would be lost if it were not for “Free Clinic” either targeting the areas we often live in or as part of LGBT/T Centers.

Many go to support groups that meet once a week to once a month where a donation hat is passed to help defray the cost of the space.  I know I’ve been there depressed, broke and struggling with alcoholism.  They were safe spaces when AA seemed so straight and there was no way I could discuss shit with a bunch of judgmental people who already seemed to be laying the religion on a bit too heavy.

That is why I am saddened by several e-mails I received this morning asking me for input of my opinion regarding a story that is developing regarding certain people I know from a mailing list and am Facebook friends with.

Monica Roberts has a post over on her blog Trans Griot regarding these charges and at this point I am going to defer to her as she appears to have a good deal more information than I have.

Monica Roberts and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, indeed we have said rather harsh things about each other in the past.  Yet over the last year or so we have found ourselves in agreement about the greater degree of oppression that both TG/TS people of color endure and the greater degree of oppression TS/TG people of the lower socio-economic classes endure.

If these allegations are true then people are preying upon the needs and dreams of people who can probably least afford the money they are giving to what smells a bit like a Ponzi Scheme.

The Big survival hint for this post is a combo.  Research any place you are being asked to give money to.  Do not donate to strangers who solicit over the phone, e-mail or postal system.  Make sure these organizations are legitimate.  If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.

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