Survival Hints 2:

Over on the Blog the trial of Nikki Araguz” there is a lengthy post that is so important I am going to tell you not to just book mark it but copy it  and either print it and save the hard copy or simply save the file to an easily locatable location.

Due to a specific request not to publish in toto I will give you just a teaser and a link as per a posted notice on that blog.  I will be including a link to this particular post under resources.

BTW If you can possibly afford it (I understand how hard times are) try to make at least a small donation to Nikki’s legal fund.

Nikki Araguz – Possible Methods for Avoiding a Legal Battle Like Hers

While it may not be entirely possible for transsexual and intersex people to prevent or avoid the sort of legal calamity that currently consumes Nikki Araguz’s life, there are steps that people can take that may help. What follows are descriptions of some of the various ways in which transsexual and intersex people may be able to protect themselves from the sort of real life legal and media onslaught that Nikki Araguz currently faces. The topics covered include: identity documents, estate planning, jurisdictional choices, and other defensive legal protections.

Transsexual and intersex people live in a world of legal uncertainty with regard to: legal sex status recognition, ability to marry, access to healthcare, rights to privacy, and so on. However, legal counseling during the medical treatment process for transsexual and intersex people appears to be one of the glaring omissions within such treatment protocols. Such omissions may account for the many instances of transsexual and intersex people finding themselves in situations without having made appropriate legal preparations. It seems like every transsexual and intersex person receiving medical treatment and counseling for their conditions should have some legal counseling included as part of the process. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be a priority for such professionals, all too often with embarrassing or even catastrophic results.

There are multiple areas of legal protections that are important, such as:

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