And Don’t Forget To Boycott Target

Target sells us on being hipper and cooler than the evil Walmart.

Well I’m Polo Shirt collar and have worked the concrete floors of big box stores and as someone who is working class I shop at Walmart even though I am aware of Walmart’s negative impact on communities.

Too often Target has gotten a pass.  Nice design… Hip advertising just as bad as Walmart except Walmart sells better quality stuff and takes it back when it doesn’t work.

So now we find out that Target like other majors piece of shit corporations is funding ultra right wing Republicans who are preaching homo hatred and no abortion even for rape or incest victims or to save the life of the mother.

4 Responses to “And Don’t Forget To Boycott Target”

  1. Véronique Says:

    Walmart has more than a negative impact on communities. It has a negative impact on entire economies. Lower lower lower prices means manufacturing is always offshore, and even those producers are squeezed. Walmart has created a class of Americans who can only afford to shop at Walmart, if that.

    As for Target, as some other blogger noted, perhaps we should scrutinize all corporations to see where their political donations go. I doubt that Target is the only one to fund right-wingers.

    • Suzan Says:

      Walmart isn’t the only one. Target and Best Buy are similar establishments. Not to mention the negative impact of all the fast food places and starbucks.

  2. Véronique Says:

    Walmart is probably the largest and most influential corporation when it comes to finding new lows of prices and wages, but I realize they aren’t the only ones. Sometimes I will get a cheap trendy thing at H&M, but I’ll feel guilty, because I know that if they’re selling me a dress for C$16, and they’re making money, no one else in the supply chain is making much. I’m trying to get away from purchases like that, but I can afford to. Others can’t. It’s a vicious cycle!

    • Suzan Says:

      It is true. We also only shop for certain things at Walmart. Cheap socks and underware, pet food, etc.

      The reality is that Walmart and cheap crap made by workers being paid next to nothing is one half the equation. The other half are workers here who had the well paying jobs out sourced or down sized. They’ve seen wage cuts and high unemployment. It is like we, both those in China and else where who produce the cheap crap and those who have had their ability to survive cut to the point where the exploitative stores are the suppliers of necessity in a symbiotic relationship. The corporations have both of us hand cuffed together in a race to the bottom.

      The top 20% in the US control 80% of all wealth and 93% of the financial wealth.

      Our wages are stagnant or falling while the rich just drain us. The issuing of credit has created a bondage of debt that allows for an unprecedented level of abuse of the working people.

      All the while there is a constant stream of propaganda urging the working people to levels of hatred for others who are also working class.

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