I See White People

The ultra Reich Wing Republi-Nazis that worship the slimy likes of the weeping Glenny Beckster reflect KKK values right down to the bottoms of their pasty white racist hearts.

I just looked through the pictures of the Huckster Glenn’s rally.

Gee… This ain’t the America I know and love.  The one with people of all sorts of different races and ethnicities.  Not to mention the people of the queer alphabet soup.

What these people are mourning is the fact that the pendulum is swing back from their Nazioid vision of an America run by the rich, for the rich, governed by one interlocking board of directors with liberty and justice for well to do white men and screw everyone else.

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Screw Glenn Beck

Today in 1963 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr gave his “I have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington.  Less than five years later the racists murdered him and this nation started its downward spiral into the hell of ever more racist and more extreme right wing regimes.

Today Crocodile Tears Glenn Beck is desecrating a day that should be set aside to remember the noble goals of civil rights and fairness, of justice for all.

That this ugly puke, this slimy piss poor excuse for a human being has the audacity to call a rally of his neo KKK racist know nothings on this day is an affront to real Americans every where.  It is a desecration of everything I was taught to believe this country stands for.

The Real August 28th, speech, the one you should remember and associate with today.