Economic Issues

For many people coming out as either transsexual or transgender also means accepting downward mobility as a reality.

This is a generality. In many ways becoming female is more likely to economically impact one than becoming male. That is reality in a sexist world where economically speaking women with the exception of a few “Lucky Duckies” like the pair running in California, women tend to earn less than men.

Having a trans history doesn’t help.

But then neither does being born a person of color or lower working class since people from these two categories are often disadvantaged from birth.

There is something important for people to realize. LBJ was the last of the really progressive presidents who actually represented the working people and not the corporate interests. When LBJ left office in January 1969 the buzzards were already circling the “War on Poverty”. When Ronnie Reagan entered office in January 1981 The New Deal, Fair Deal and Great Society were already starting to die deaths of a thousand cuts.

Every president since and most of congress have been in the pockets of the rich. They represent their owners and not the people who vote.

Corporations do not give a rat’s ass about us. The brain wash us with constant advertising and then buy political office for the worst Nazis to come down the pike since the Third Reich.

Cut Social security but not the most bloated item in the budget, the War..excuse me “Defense” Budget…

The “Free Market” policies of the neo-cons and neo-libs have been an utter disaster for the working people of the world.

In the US the economy is based on selling cheap crap made else where to each other at the lowest possible price. This means no more manufacturing in the US. It means driving down workers pay to the point where we are paid pretty much the same as the lowest paid workers in the world.

Surplus value is where businesses used to make profits. If the price is as low as possible just to sell the merchandise, how do they make money? They do it with credit card interest. Every thing you buy with a card cost you more than the price you think you are paying for it.

If we go green and buy less the economy crashes. If we start paying off our cards and only buying what we can afford without paying the credit card interest the economy crashes.

The top 20% of people control 85% of the total wealth and 93% of the financial wealth (

This means that the bottom 80% of us control next to nothing.  We have become the economic slaves and play things of that top 20%.

This is no longer a democracy, it is an oligarchy.

LGBT/TQ etc folks and the hatred being directed towards us is a way of diverting anger from those who are the real source of economic pain and discomfort in this nation.  The same is true for racism and the anti-immigrant thing.  Then we have the Mosque side show.

We are in a crisis and the time may be coming when we have to pull together as real communities fighting for our lives.  The economic warfare/class warfare directed towards working people has so far been one sided.

Perhaps it is time for a little class warfare from our side.

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