New US poll report finds changing attitudes to homosexuality

Aha there is a reason for the sudden up sweep of targeting Muslims in America for attack and the backing off on L/G folks.

What is the point in gathering a lynch mob if the lynch mob is disinclined to hate the group you want them to hate.

The entire point of demagoguery is misdirection.  Get people focused on hating someone and then they won’t notice how the greedy corporate/Wall Street rich are ass raping them.

From Pink News UK

By Christopher Brocklebank

August 23, 2010

According to new national research, Americans have become more accepting of homosexuality of the past 16 years, with over half of those polled saying they support civil unions.

As reported in the Desert Sun, a 1994 Pew Research Centre poll had found that under half its respondents agreed that homosexuality was “a way of life” that should be accepted by society.

But the Public Religion Research Institute’s new report, released last Friday and compiled from a selction of public studies done over the last 20 years, said support for same-sex civil unions had risen from 45 per cent in 2003 to 57 per cent in 2009. The increase in support for same-sex marriage was more modest, but still showed an rise in support from 30 per cent in 2003 to 38 per cent in 2010.

Among religious respondents to the recent polls, Latino Catholics showed more movement toward supporting gay marriage (at 57 per cent) than Latino Protestants (at 22 per cent).

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