Constant Reinforcement Through Usage Changes Frozen Thinking

Instead of fighting with transgender people and repeating the same arguments about feeling colonized and erased by the insistence upon “Transgender as Umbrella”.  I withdrew from the battle.  I said, “Time out!”  Re-examined.  Engaged in criticism/self-criticism and came to the conclusion that the whole battle was a waste of energy.

After all I really didn’t hate transgender people.  There is nothing in being born with transsexualism that requires me to hate people born with transgenderism and we certainly seem to have a lot of rabid ultra right wing religious fanatics as a common enemy.  Besides as a person who identifies as the L-word of the queer alphabet I was down with standing up for the rights of transgender people too.

So what I did was start writing it “T/T” and making a point of using “transsexual and transgender” instead of just “transgender”.  Along with calling a moratorium on name calling and expressing a willingness to work ad hoc on issues involving all of us.

Well like WBT, which caught on in next to no time it seems as if more people especially in Canada are using “T/T” and “Transsexual and Transgender”

The following is from a review of a Lady Gaga concert in Vancouver:

The full review is in The North Shore News and is titled:

Lady Gaga review: Vancouver gets Gaga-fied

By Jennifer Luther, North Shore News August 24 2010

“Surprisingly Gaga emphasizes real experiences in her Monster Ball material. She played a heart-wrenching song about her father’s alcoholism on the piano (during which the instrument erupted in to a flaming tornado), sneezed in to the microphone, spat on stage to clear her throat, and spoke openly about lesbian, gay, transgender and transsexual rights.”

Perhaps winning rights is also a matter of quiet insistence and constant reinforcement.  Perhaps rather than changing our message we should attack the validity of their message.
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