Watching Godard Films on a Saturday Night

Last night we watched Jean Luc Godard’s film “Masculin, féminin” A film about the children of Marx and Coca Cola.

So 1960s. so reminiscent of my first love affair and the time we spent in Northside Cinema and the Telegraph Repertory Cinema.

Françoise Hardy had a cameo in the film.  The lead character played girl singer much like Françoise Hardy

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  1. edith Says:

    for françoise hardy
    at the seine’s edge
    a giant shadow
    of notre dame
    seeks t’ grab my foot
    sorbonne students
    whirl by on thin bicycles
    swirlin’ lifelike colors of leather spin
    the breeze yawns food
    far from the bellies
    or erhard meetin’ johnson . . .

    -Some Other Kinds of Songs
    Bob Dylan

    How hard I looked for deeper meaning in words that could be, pretty much, taken at face value but not for me, at sixteen or seventeen. At seventeen –

    “We all play the game and when we dare
    To cheat ourselves at solitaire
    Inventing lovers on the phone
    Repenting other lives unknown”

    -At Seventeen
    Janis Ian

    At Seventeen it was not a very good year but a year full of curiosity for things I could not yet fathom. Thanks for the reminder.

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