What Does Science Say About Homosexuality?

From The Daily Press: http://articles.dailypress.com/2006-05-07/news/0605050273_1_homosexuality-heterosexuality-lesbian

Warning: There is good reason to believe the above alleged video of Jack Drescher is a hoax.

May 07, 2006|By Jack Drescher, Special to the Daily Press

In communities across America, people are confronting questions about the civil and legal rights of gay and lesbian citizens. Often these conversations are spurred by legislative efforts that would adversely affect gays and lesbians. In Virginia, for example, voters will be asked in November to say whether they want to restrictively amend the state constitution to define marriage as only a union between a man and woman.

The issues involved in these conversations are complex and emotional. Ethics and religion are often central to them, but science, too, has been drawn into these discussions. What does science have to say? What questions does it grapple with? For example:

Are people “born gay”? This question has vexed sexologists and physicians since science began studying homosexuality in the 19th century. In recent years, the question has intrigued the popular imagination: The issue of what civil rights society should accord its gay and lesbian members may hinge on the answer.

To date, science can only respond that the causes of homosexuality — and heterosexuality for that matter — are unknown. This may not be welcome news to a culture accustomed to distilling difficult answers into easy sound bites. It may also not be the answer sought by those who feel heterosexuality represents the natural order and that homosexuality can only be explained as sin, illness or both.

Is homosexuality “biological”? Discussions of biology figure prominently in social debates about how to react to homosexuality. These debates have little to do with science.

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One Response to “What Does Science Say About Homosexuality?”

  1. spacialsimplicity Says:

    “For most people, the meaning of homosexuality being “biological” is that it is inborn and fixed. However, physicians know that the biological is not necessarily unchangeable. Plastic surgeons routinely change people’s facial appearances.”

    Oh golly.
    This is sexuality we’re talking about! Not physical features.
    I love how you addressed them as “Shit hurling chimps”.

    I mean really, if you’re going to ask if homosexuality is an inborn trait or is something aquired, don’t ask people who aren’t gay. Ask those who are.
    Although I don’t have any witty analogies, I guess it would be similar to someone asking another person “How does it feel to have Epilepsy?” even though the person being questioned doesn’t have it.

    I find your posts interesting, mostly because of the fact that they deal with the LGBTQ community.

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