Climate Change

It has been near or over 100F since the beginning of July.

Here in Texas we have a standard summer greeting, “Hot enough for ya?”

Well here’s a couple summer theme songs.

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  1. tinagrrl Says:

    This from “Climate Progress” — please follow link to original:

    Climate experts agree: Global warming caused unprecedented Russian heat wave
    Carver: “Without contributions from anthropogenic climate change, I don’t think this event would have reached such extremes or even happened at all.”
    August 14, 2010

    The World Meteorological Organization says this “unprecedented sequence of extreme weather events … matches IPCC projections of more frequent and more intense extreme weather events due to global warming.” NASA says July 2010 is “What Global Warming Looks Like.”

    Top climate scientists — Peter Stott, head of climate monitoring and attribution at UK’s Met Office and Kevin Trenberth, head of climate analysis at the National Center for Atmospheric Research — have been making the link between the record-smashing extreme weather and human caused global warming (see here)

    In this cross-post, Wonk Room’s Brad Johnson has more on what scientists are saying, including Meteorologist Rob Carver, the Research and Development Scientist for Weather Underground.

  2. tinagrrl Says:

    Oh, by the way, currently it is 101.1 F. I think this is the 17 or 18th day of over 100 degrees – consecutively. We had more before, but there was a break of days where it was only 96 -98 degrees.

    After a number of over 100 degree days, a 97 day is actually cooler. The current humidity is 35%, with a dew point of 70 degrees F.

    At least we do not have too many days of 90 degrees with 90% humidity — that is really unbearable.

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