Observation Regarding Fantasies

Between all the perversifying of the “fantasies” held by women born with transsexualism Bailey, Blanchard et. al. seem to have missed a big one.  Fantasizing about being normal and ordinary.

About 10 years ago I was in dire poverty and loneliness.

I used to have fantasies, but they weren’t stoked by pornographic magazine running the gamut from say Playboy to Vogue.

I used to have fantasies about models I saw in the Eddie Bauer Catalog and the Ikea Catalog.

The sort that included a relationship with someone, we would both dress like the models in the catalog with jeans, sweaters/blazers, etc.  Have decent jobs, like movies and museums and no drinking problems.  We would live in a nice loft with artist, not lawyers or stock brokers as neighbors, furnished in Ikea.  There wouldn’t be whole lots of anxiety about coming up with the rent or mortgage payment.

Bailey and Blanchard with all their bullshit and dirty minds can only imagine that transsexual and transgender people have excessively erotic fantasies.  Never romantic ones.  Never fantasies of ordinary happy lives with less trauma and drama than so many of us experience.

Of course it is hard to perversify someone’s fantasies, especially if those fantasies are about living free from physical, emotional and economic violence.  Especially when the person fantasizing being part of the lifestyle offered by these solidly middle class, albeit hip middle class retailers is often times the victim of all sorts of violence.

3 Responses to “Observation Regarding Fantasies”

  1. Karen Says:

    Don’t you know that wanting a normal live as teh opposite sex is perverse?!!! Actually anything a ‘trannie’ does or wants is by definition perverse to all too many…

    BTW 10 years you were also pretty angry person who tended to alienate more than few who were worried about you… Much has changed since then.

    – Karen

    • Suzan Says:

      We recently read and then watched the movie “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”… Too much hurt, too much insecurity, too much loneliness. Anger was an armor.

  2. Anna Says:

    A friend who was another transsexual child in the late ’50s brought this into focus for me when she said how her brothers had magazines of naked women hidden under their mattresses, but she had women’s magazines. And their mother treated then as the same forbidden pornography.

    Women’s and teenage girl’s magazines were forbidden for me too, but I didn’t have the brothers for comparison. They weren’t forbidden to my sister though.

    The fiction in such magazines was mostly of the romance and happy family kind. At their most risque the articles were about contraception.

    For that my mother called me a “pervert”.

    Yet it was from daily newspapers that I learned everything I knew about “sex change”.

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