Dallas Rally in Celebration of Prop 8 Court Victory

Yesterday evening Tina and I went to a Dallas Rally to celebrate the court ruling over turning California’s Prop 8.

Lots of folks think Texas is nothing but redneck Republican Christo-fascist homophobes yet we have our Gay and Lesbian section and our own LGBT/TQ communities.

This was the second rally/demonstration we’ve been to in the last couple of months and it was nice to see Michael Robinson and a few other people we had run into before.

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  1. tinagrrl Says:

    I went to the rally with Suzan. I was hungry, my blood sugar was most likely low, it was hot, I was not in the best of moods.

    On the way there, I said to Suzan, “if anyone says ‘we’re here, we’re queer, get over it’ at a corner in the middle of the ‘gay section’ of town, I will vomit”.

    Of course, someone did — after all, it’s fairly safe to say that there.

    After listening to a bunch of “motivational” happy talk, I started getting angry. Nothing has changed — if you act as if it has — it actually can be a bit risky (depending on where you are).

    Just the fact people think it’s O.K. to VOTE on the rights of other citizens makes me angry. Tthe fact that 31 (or 33, I’m not sure) states have Constitutional Amendments outlawing any form of gay union, makes me angry. The fact most of the “happy talk” speakers yesterday mostly ignored those facts, makes me angry.

    In daily life, these issues don’t come up that often. There is the occasional wistful conversation about having a formal union. I also will worry what will happen if we have to go into any sort of nursing home — is there any chance we get to stay together?

    Most likely not.

    What if one of us dies suddenly? Our partnership has NO legal standing — what happens to the survivor?

    So, after staying there about 30 minutes — I had to leave. All the anger and uncertainty boiled up. All those things that are not in the daily conversation just came to the fore.

    We went to eat.

  2. Anna Says:

    Astute observations there, Tina. “Happy talk” especially rings a bell. I gave up on such rallies years ago for just that reason. And “Prides” a full 30 years ago for that reason and others Suzan just now voiced in a different posting. But they seem to work as bonding experiences for some people, or for hooking up.

    Interesting to see what one looks like in Dallas, even if the size of the files crashed my inbox. Captions and a maps reference would have been nice too. Was the lady the tiny camera a speaker? Were the guys?

    Sorry to see your concerns for future years. Hopefully you have several years still together ahead. And things may change in the meantime. Or perhaps you could head for a friendlier state.

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