Britain – Welcome to the GIRES transphobic crime reporting service…

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Please help us to publicise this new service. We can supply posters and reporting forms if you send an order to:

The Home Office has awarded GIRES a grant to fund a national system for reporting transphobic crime. Appended below are examples of the crimes that trans people have experienced. It appears that only a few victims of such crime report it to the police. One young trans person we know has experienced 60 criminal incidents in the past six months, which include being beaten up and a death threat. Yet she hopes by suffering all this persecution with dignity she will teach the perpetrators to behave better without involving the police. There are other reasons for not involving the police: the fear of being outed in Court; the lack of confidence that the police will deal sensitively and properly with the incident. Yet we know from our work with police forces throughout the UK that many are fully aware of the needs of trans people and very keen to support them. enables crimes to be reported confidentially and leaves it the individual to decide what information should be passed on to the police.

We hope that will reveal the true extent of transphobic crime to policy makers within the criminal justice system, enable the police to pinpoint the hotspots where it occurs most frequently and provide examples of effective police responses that will build trust with trans people. The system will also enable us to put victims of transphobic crime in touch with the many groups that can provide them with practical support

Around 30% of people in the UK do not have access to the Internet. So, GIRES has provided both manual as well as electronic reporting facilities. In addition, reporting by third parties and witnesses will be a key element of the system. is an intelligence gathering and communication system. GIRES recognises that the much more detailed information required to obtain a conviction should be obtained by the police.


Ø A 16 year old trans girl, on her way to school, regularly experienced people shouting insults from their cars like, ‘Girl with a cock’, ‘There’s the he/she/it’’, ‘Tranny boy’, and other names.

Ø An 18 year old received 84 abusive and threatening text messages within three days after she told her former school class that she had transitioned

Ø An older boy pulled up the skirt of a 12 year old trans girl to look at her genitals.

Ø A trans women was discovered at a bus station by another woman who then engaged in yelling abuse, spitting, punching, kicking and trying to scratch the trans woman’s face.

Ø A trans police officer was outed by the press under the headline “Lady Boy in Blue”. She was then threatened by a group of young men, near her home; her car was vandalised.

Ø An elderly trans man was surrounded by a teen-age gang who shouted insults and poked him with sticks.

Ø A 15 year old trans girl was beaten up on her way home.

Ø A trans woman was raped at knife-point on her way home.

Ø An assailant approached a trans woman, after realising she was transsexual, punched her to the ground, undid his trousers and forced her to perform an act of oral sex on him.

Ø A son murdered his father on discovering he was a transsexual person.



More than 70 countries make being gay a crime

From UK The Independent

People are being killed for their sexual orientation, despite progress made by some nations, including Britain, to eliminate prejudice

By Emily Dugan

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Acomprehensive study of global lesbian, bisexual and gay rights, seen by The Independent on Sunday, reveals the brutal – and, in many instances, fatal – price people pay around the globe for their sexuality. The research, which was conducted by the charity network the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), shows that 76 countries still prosecute people on the grounds of their sexual orientation – seven of which punish same-sex acts with death.

On a global scale, the nations doing something positive for gay rights are dwarfed by those behaving negatively. While 75 countries will imprison you if you are gay, only 53 have anti-discrimination laws that apply to sexuality. Only 26 countries recognise same-sex unions.

In the 10 years since the IoS published its first Pink List, Britain has made impressive strides towards sexual equality. In a single decade of progress, gay people have the right to adopt children, an equal age of consent, legislation to protect them from discrimination and can even tie the knot in civil ceremonies.

But homophobia remains a scar on Britain’s social landscape. Around the world, hundreds of people are killed every year just for being gay. Ben Summerskill, chief executive of the UK lesbian gay and bisexual rights organisation Stonewall, said: “We are mindful that however remarkable the progress we might be making in Britain is, there are countries around the world where people still live in fear of their lives just because of the way they were born. Helping to support them sensitively is a critical obligation of anyone who cares about human rights in the wider world.”

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On Medicare anniversary, lawmakers tout inevitability of single payer

On Medicare anniversary, lawmakers tout inevitability of single payer

From Raw Story:

By Sahil Kapur
Saturday, July 31st, 2010 — 11:33 am

A trio of progressives in Congress invoked the 45th birthday of Medicare Friday to call for a national single payer health insurance system, predicting it’s “inevitable” if Americans want lower costs.

“It has never been more important to have a strong movement behind Medicare for All,” wrote Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Reps. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and John Conyers (D-MI) in a letter addressed to “friends of health care for all.”

The trio, all of whom have sponsored single payer bills, argued that cost controls are insufficient in the health reform law enacted March and claimed the growing need to save money would galvanize support for such a system.

“As we honor Medicare’s 45th birthday today, I am proud to say that the movement for Medicare for All remains strong and vibrant,” Kucinich said.

While various lawmakers have endorsed single payer proposals, it remains far out of the reach of Congress due to the prevalence of anti-government public sentiments and the political influence of the private insurance industry, which would be torn down.

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Saying No, I Don’t Want/Need That.

In Guy Debord’s “The Society of the Spectacle” he describes a world where reality has been replaced by the spectacle, a sort of Matrix like world.

When I was working at the Big Box I was appalled by all the children wandering around  oblivious to the world while utterly distracted by their hand held computer games.

Even though I used to walk a great deal as exercise when I live in San Francisco and Los Angeles I never owned a Walkman in any of its various incarnations or multitude of brands.  Some how having my ears plugged and filled with sound seemed like too much distraction from the real world.

I do own both a desk top and a lap top computer as well as a cell phone with a camera.  The manual says I could text with it but I have never come up with a reason as to why I should want to do that.  After all I have a computer with a nice big key board that I can send e-mail on. It has a camera…  Whoop de doo…  It takes crappy pictures although it also does video and could come in handy if I were to witness a cop murdering some one the way that pig murdered Oscar Grant.

IPods keep beckoning me with their come hither pitches as attractive as media hookers in their shiny colors with their glossy screens.  But again… Why?  Why would I want to reduce my awareness to the external world and whose interests does it serve for me to be oblivious to the aural world around me?  Or do those selling it see my time walking around as wasted unless I am consuming sounds I bought the rights to listen to?

Radio is free or satellite radio is subscription but offers more choice even though opting to listen to it means subjecting myself to a constant barrage of sophisticated and not so sophisticated pitches to buy more useless meaningless crap to fill up the void created by the horrors of the reality behind the spectacle.

Red pill or blue pill, awareness or oblivion?

What happens when one says no to buying into the constant deluge of propaganda aimed at creating desire for objects rather than authenticity?

We had a friend visit us recently and it seemed like she was totally hooked on her IPhone and IPad.  Like they were highly demanding infants  that she could not turn her attention from.  I actually see drivers stopped at intersections playing with their 3G/4G phones.  It frightens me that they are so unaware of their surroundings, so immersed in their gadgetry.

No wonder they are unaware of the march to fascism and corporate enslavement.  I sometime think they would put the chains on themselves in exchange for shiny objects beaming a constructed reality to them 24/7.

tonight I saw a truly repulsive ad for the Droid or one of the other phones I think perhaps for T-Mobile with this glazed looking model with all the humanity and inner life of a shop window manikin staring in ecstatic rapture at the screen of one of these electronic pacifiers that generate an artificial   reality of the spectacle.  Then there was one with a man in an oiffice down loading the latest insult to intellegence from Blockbuster Video so he could stay all night at his office watching it.

Doesn’t he have a life.  Shooting heroin or getting plastered in some dive bar would be less soul killing.  Doesn’t he have a home, a place to go with a large sreen TV he purchased on credit so recently that he is still paying it off?

All these questions pass through my mind.  Perhaps because so long ago I took the red pill in the form of LSD and stepped outside the spectacle.  Perhaps the magic question is: Why?  Why do I want that? Why would I do that?

For what purpose?  Why must I always be feed a manufactured reality?  Am I so stupid as to not know what is going on without constant external stimulus?  I think therefore I am dangerous.  Perhaps the answer is that without a constant distraction people might start seeing through the bullshit.

What happens if we start to question why we should constantly slave only to consume toys of dubious value?