The Mistake of Substituting Transgender for Transsexual

The latest case of a widow in Houston having the legitimacy of her marriage challenged because she was transsexual is showing one of the major risks of substituting transgender when the proper word is transsexual.  Both word have separate and different meanings.  People with transsexualism get sex reassignment surgery.  People with transgenderism do not.

The case of  Nikki Araguz is further complicated by the insistence that T whether for transsexual or transgender falls naturally in with Gay and Lesbian.

This makes the marriages of post-SRS men and women to different sex partners into same sex relationships in the same way that the ultra right wing Taliban Christians do.

I support marriage equality and firmly believe that marriage equality would protect all our marriages and would remove issues for both those of us who are straight after surgery or G/L after surgery.  As well as permit heterogendered same sex marriages for transgender folks.

But here the over riding issue isn’t what would be best for all.

The over riding issue is what sex are we after we get sex reassignment surgery.  This is where many people with transsexualism split with many people with transgenderism.  We want the same sexing rules to apply to us as apply to normborn and their assignment at birth.  That is appearance of genitals.  Post-op transsexuals shouldn’t be hit with rules normborns are not hit with.

BTW there is something else going on that seriously pisses me off.  It is bad enough when the right wing religious freaks feel compelled to say someone was born a man and feel they have to print the name given at birth. Why in hell do transsexual and transgender people echo those forms of disrespect?

First no one is born a man or a woman.  Manhood and womanhood are the adult statuses  of respectively male people and female people.  People are born male or female and occasionally intersex or transsexual. (I’m using transsexual in the inclusive sense here to include transgender people who live 24/7 but don’t get SRS).  They are infants and boys or girls before they become men or women.

Many kids born with transsexualism are transkids, whom people abuse and not being real boys or real girls.  Often times they grow up being told, “You’ll never be a real man.”

It is ultra perverted on the part of right wing Taliban type religious fanatics to insist that they become really men only after they have had sex reassignment surgery to be reassigned to the female sex..

4 Responses to “The Mistake of Substituting Transgender for Transsexual”

  1. cassandraspeaks Says:

    “This makes the marriages of post-SRS men and women to different sex partners into same sex relationships in the same way that the ultra right wing Taliban Christians do.”

    Suzan for once we are totally on the same wavelength. I couldn’t agree more. I watched an interview somewhat unwisely given by Nikki and the interviewer tore the poor woman to shreds, I literally sobbed for her at the injustice being perpetrated and this while the woman is still grieving at the loss of someone she plainly loved deeply. Sometimes and this is one of those times I simply have to wonder if there is any humanity left in this world.

    • Suzan Says:

      Humanity takes a backseat to religion and right wing ideology. Cruelty is so common place as to be ubiquitous. But it is heterosexist privilege to think that what is being done to her is one bit crueler than the viciousness LGBT/T people always have to put up with.

  2. HenryHall Says:

    What trans and gay/lesbian people have in common is the need to consult attorneys over things like estate planning for couples in order to ensure the desired outcome. Straight couples don’t need this, LGBTIQQ people do.

  3. Véronique Says:

    I couldn’t agree more on terminology. And I much prefer clarity to obfuscation. I appreciate your clarity.

    Following this case closely.

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