Biologic diversity

We now know that as a result of evolution we carry the genes of most species within us. And there are examples on spontaneous sex change as well as “sex contradictory” behavior in other species. Shrimps and sea horses change sex and the alpha female of hyenas develops  a micro-penis.

Dr Harry Benjamin, who together with Magnus Hirschfeld, were pioneers in the treatment of transsexualism, thought that male and female were not a dichotomy, is was a “double hump”; two curves with great overlapping between different bodily characteristics.

Sex is more than sexual organs

Diagram showing the overlapping of sex traits

The focus on the sexual organs have highlighted the difference between those and not other differences between the sexes. Lately differences in the brain have been noticed. Other bodily expressions have not been studied.

Many transsexuals have other “atypical” bodily expressions. It can be “female hips” in a man-to-woman transsexual and big hands in a woman-to-man transsexual.

As far as known no systematic investigations have been made of such characteristics.

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