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Washington Post Steps on it Own Dick

Ever notice how illiterate  straights become when they try to write “objectively” about transsexual and transgender people?

There is an article in today’s post that is so patently offensive on just about every possible level that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they imported writers from one the British tabloids to pen this pile of stinking dung.

Read the story at:

In comparison to here ultra right wing neo-Klansman racist apologist for slavery brother-in-law, Virginia governor Bob McDonnell Ms. Robyn Deane seems like a neat person who was badly abused by the Post in a manner that goes way beyond sensationalism.

I realize all women are subjected to having the way they are dressed or their appearance critiqued in a manner that few men are ever subjected to but the photo slide show that accompanies this article manages to contain every single possible objectifying image.  Putting on make-up, getting dressed, standing in the kitchen to show how she has adapted to stereotypical gender roles.  WTF?  This is 2010 stories about transsexual people going through transition and changing sex have been in the news for some 60 years.

It is something some people need to do.  To quote a popular LGBT/T chant, “We’re here.  We’re queer. Get over it.”

We should be past the freakifying of our life experiences.  Yeah, yeah some of us particularly those who come out later in life take a while to unlearn behavior that allowed us to survive in our assigned sex/gender roles.  And yes for some it takes a while to learn the new roles.  But damn it..  It isn’t all about some set list of photographs performing behavior stereotypically associated with the sex/gender we move to.  I realize the quest for wholeness is harder to take a picture of as is the desire to feel comfortable within your own skin.

The process of transition is perhaps the hardest portion of our lives when it comes to dealing with transsexualism.

Coming out and telling family and friend.  Changing identity and sex or for transgender folks , gender.  A pretty radical shift and we have perhaps neglected to teach the straights about it.  They maybe sort of get the superficial and that may be why they look to the crutch of those sorts of offensive objectifying images.

Hey Conservatives — Gays Are Better Parents Than You

From Alternet

By Ellen Friedrichs, AlterNet
Posted on July 16, 2010, Printed on July 16, 2010

When I ask 29-year-old Kellen Kaiser if I can get her take on a few new studies demonstrating the benefits to gay parenting, she jokingly warns me that she’s biased.

That isn’t really surprising given the family that the L.A.-based actress and writer grew up in. Born after three lesbian friends decided to co-parent (and one ultimately became pregnant), Kaiser was also raised by her biological mother’s long-term partner, alongside a brother who was the product of a known gay sperm donor.

Though this model of parenting may be unfamiliar to the average American, (and the specifics of this particular family are, of course, not characteristic of the entire LGBT community), to Kaiser, the strengths are obvious. As she says, “I certainly feel like I gained from being exposed to so many different and wonderful adults in my life. I think gay parents are more intentional on the whole than the average straight parent. Parenting is less done on automatic. Gay families tend to reexamine and reform traditions to the particular needs of their families and children.”

She’s not alone in this assessment, and research is beginning to back her up.

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On a Hot Summer Night … A Blast from the Past and Rodney Bingenheimer’s

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