Happy Birthday You’re Fired!!!

Say what?

I was terminated last night.

I had worked at this place for over three years and had two promotions.  I went from working as an associate to being a shift supervisor and then a senior shift supervisor.

I was being praised by both those under me and those above me right up to the termination.

Since April I had been working as Event Manager, a position I was never trained for.  During that period I received scant assistance or instruction yet I did the job.  I put in 10 and on a couple of occasions 12 hour days.

Even though the position of Event Manager was never internally posted I applied for it.  After all I was doing the job without any training, I had experience. I had risen from the ranks. But in the corporate fascist state merit is not a basis for reward.

The hired someone from outside and have spent the last month training her as well as seeing she has every possible tool to succeed  whereas they gave me none of that and set me up to fail.

I watched as the company purged people who had worked several years or longer as event managers or shift supervisors.

We were placed in gotcha positions where we were screwed one way or another. Hard, deep and dry.  No matter how hard we worked or how honest we are we have found ourselves labeled as dishonest.

All so the corporate suits do not have to pay un-employment compensation.

Ironically I was thanked and praised for all my hard work and for my ability to keep the operation running during the period after they terminated the woman who had been event manager.  This dick then turned around and fired me in a way that hurt me more than just about any other thing he could do. He challenged my honesty.  He even told me that my putting down a lunch break and then working through it was a reflection not of my diligence but rather of my dishonesty.

Come the Revolution…

I spoke with the woman who had been my supervisor prior to being fired and learned that the reasons for her termination were as bogus as mine.

Suck it up, It don’t mean nothing…  And people wonder why I hate the Capitalist Pigs.

We need unions to prevent the corporations from fucking us.  And the unions need to include the lower management people.

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  1. Susanna Boudrie Says:

    that sucks Suzy! I am so sorry to hear that. Can you stick something up his…?

    • Suzan Says:

      What I would most love to shove up their asses would be SEIU, IWW, AFL/CIO or UFCW. Don’t mourn organize..

  2. Susanna Boudrie Says:

    will they be able to do anything?

    • Suzan Says:

      It doesn’t matter…

      I’m looking around at things. I may take something temporary and look at learning medical coding data entry… Doing something I could theoretically do from home and make 150% of what I was making working my ass off.

      The other thing is I might be able to find something doing something meaningful instead of getting ground down by the corporate fascist fuckers.

  3. Sharon Gaughan Says:

    You have my complete sympathy, and not because I have been in the same position. Wrong is wrong.


  4. Véronique Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. WTF is up with this company? Dishonest managers accusing others of dishonesty as a pretext for firing them? That’s completely disgusting.

    I imagine you’ll land on your feet and maybe even do better, but it still sucks.

    • Suzan Says:

      You ask WTF? Free Market Ayn Rand Corporate-Fascism.

      Look… From the start I had conflicts about what I was doing pushing products that had 1500mg of sodium per serving as well as all sorts of other products that were nutritional nightmares.

      I’m going to look for something where I earn a living but I would also like something where I don’t feel like I’m whoring out my ethics every single day.

  5. Marlene Says:

    Suzan — I was in the same boat as you years ago.

    I worked for an AM/FM radio station in the heart of conservative Ohio… so conservative anyone who uttered the word “unionize” was seen as a communist — literally!

    The station and local newspaper was owned by the same company, and I started seeing letters from a so-called “minister” making wild claims about homosexuality, and I couldn’t stand it any more and started responding to his perverted diatribes. I put a disclaimer stating this was my personal opinion, too.

    I went from being the one person they went to whenever a crisis happened, to having my hours and duties cut drastically. I applied for numerous openings for on-air staff, but they always gave me a bullshit excuse, hired some kid right out of college or broadcasting school, *then asked me to train them*!

    I finally got sick and hired of being taken advantage of, and I resigned with no noties, stating that since I didn’t get any respect from them, they didn’t deserve respect from me. I also stated that I was tired of being the station’s nigger, and to go find some one else.

    To this say, I swear that if I see the corporate program director lying on the side of the road bleeding to death, I’d be torn whether to stop, spit in the bastard’s face and drive off, or save his lousy life just to shove it nis face that I saved him…

  6. Andrea B Says:

    I hope you get another job soon.

    I have been in the same boat years ago.

  7. tinagrrl Says:

    I am still amazed by what happened. I know how hard Suzan worked. I know how much of herself she put into this job. I know how good she felt when she got promotion after promotion.

    There was the thought that FINALLY someone would reward dedication, hard work, and a willingness to think creatively.

    She did the job without proper training. She was put in a “damned if you do, or damned if you don’t position”.

    She was asked to cut her hours, while she was not given anyone who had the authority to close. The one person who had that was used by the people brought in to cover when she was off.

    So now, lets see — you can’t work til closing because they do not want to pay you (and four 11 hour days in a row might be a tad much – esp. since much of the work was physical — oh yeah, did I mention she had no one to help her with the heavy physical part — though other “Event Managers”, and acting “Event Managers” DID have such a person), at the same time, no one else is able to use the company card to return stuff after the day’s work is over — even though they had such a person, trained, and just waiting to be certified.

    This was a set up to fail from the very beginning. The only problem is that Suzan did so well they HAD to trump up some strange charges.

    This isn’t an indictment of Capitalism — it’s an indictment of stupidity. I thought Capitalists wanted to maximize profit — getting rid of good workers due to either personal dislike, or prejudice, is just plain self defeating stupidity.

  8. Marlene Says:

    It’s all because of the tradition of “at-will” employment: meaning management will dream of a bogus charge to fire you, and it’s up to the employee to prove it — whether in court or in front of either the EEOC and/or NLRB.

    This, of course, was set up by the executive class to protect profit, which is the Capitalist’s god. This is why Wal-Mart after Sam Walton died (with the help of the GOP) pressured company after company to break unions and communities across the country to jump first to Mexico, then China — all in an effort to maximize profit at the expense of the people!

    JibJab has an excellent short called “Big Box Mart” which showed perfectly *why* the big retailers want more profit:


    Another great video editorial cartoon is the 2010 Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Fiore: http://www.markfiore.com

  9. Kaete Says:

    Similar sackings are likely to increase, I think, the longer the number of people belonging to industrial unions continues to decrease, and the longer workers continue to believe they are safe in employment without having union protection. My tuppenworth, anyway.

  10. Sharon Gaughan Says:

    The government sets a bad example when it comes to “at-will” employment. Actual federal employees are relatively secure, but that isn’t trie fpr the contractors who do the work. Been there, been dropped over a manager’s bad hair day.

  11. tinagrrl Says:

    Our current “Socialist” President (the folks calling him that wouldn’t know a socialist if he/she fell ON them) has not supported the pro-union legislation he “promised” to support. In a similar fashion, our Democratic Party led Congress has refused to pass anything vaguely progressive.

    We still have an insurance company run, for profit, health care system, etc., etc., etc.

    For unions to have half a chance we would have to break the death grip corporations have on the U.S. Government.

  12. Joann Prinzivalli Says:

    Suzie, it’s one thing that they fired you. It’s quite another that they are attempting to deny you the right to file for unemployment compensation by falsely accusing you of dishonesty and using that as a pretext for the firing. Even in a “right to work” state, the employer does not have a right to defame you (libel/slander), and that is likely to be actionable, even in a bastion of corporatist evil. The defamation would be likely to cost them a lot more than unemployment compensation ever did. Given what you described, you might be able to interest a lawter into taking on your case – as a class action suit on behalf of yourself and every other former employee they treated in this way.

    Just because it’s a “right to work” state does not give the employer the right to defame you, just fire you or any reason or no reason – but defamation? that’s actionable.

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