Hate can wear a famous face

Today Leonard Pitts column was on the infamous anti-Semite, racist and well known misogynist, Mel Gibson.

I read it in the Dallas Morning News but I am linking you to the source.

Read it at:  http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/07/07/1718504/hate-can-wear-a-famous-face.html

When I read it the most important part wasn’t about the sado-masochistic Gibson who displays his sick paraphilia  in every film he makes or stars in.  He has become one of those people whose products I will neither buy nor watch.

More important was a passage in Mr. Pitts’ column:

People tend to have this naive notion about hate. They think it’s something you can see at 20 paces, something obvious and over-the-top, like the Nazis Jack Kirby drew for Marvel Comics; you always knew they were evil from their craggy teeth and bad skin.

But hate looks like a grandmother baking cookies, a teacher standing in front of the class, a preacher opening his Bible. It looks like you or me, like anybody anywhere.

The philosopher Hannah Arendt famously wrote of what she called the “banality of evil.” Well, there is a banality to hatred, too. We are conditioned to expect a grand, operatic malevolence, but there is nothing grand about it. Hatred is ordinary, hatred is insipid, hatred is small and mean. It is a series of compromises made with conscience, an expedience that bypasses thought and compassion.

A funny thing happens in our struggles for freedom, social justice, equality, human rights and dignity.
Too often I hear the most hateful things thrown about by people who make up the great masses of oppressed people at the bottom of the social order.  Seems like some people seem to think they can gain the acceptance of the bigots if they act like them.  In some cases they succeed.  Look at “Wide-Stance Larry Craig”  Or Ted Haggard…
I am extremely saddened when I hear sisters espousing the values of right wing conservatives and Christo-Fascists.  I want to say to them that sleeping with the enemy will not only not save you from oppression but that it is both un-ethical and soul destroying.
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