Wild Girl: The Transformation of Maria Roman

Last night I read a very interesting interview with Maria Roman filed by Peter Mon and Alex Paredes over on Bilrico.

I have see far too many sisters put on what I consider Politically Correct,  judgmental cop uniforms and patrol the borders of not only language but of who gets to call themselves transsexual.

Often times it seems like one has to be nearly a stereotypical stay at home, church going heterosexual with the 2.5 adopted kids.

I have been really struck by this with the three memorial pieces we published for Leslie St Clair (We actually used her maiden name because of her husband’s position).

We were in awe of her.  She was as Suzannah described her, a “super queen”.

Yet I’ve encountered people who paint anyone that campy and flamboyant as being “a gay man with a pussy”.  Often times when I happen on photos of the trolls that heave these slurs like they were bricks it turns out that their own presentations are sketchy at best.

The same goes for declaring post-SRS women who work with those who use transgender as an umbrella are themselves transgenders who made a mistake.  Tossing that brick is pretty messed up if you both had the same operations done on sex parts.

It may come as a surprise to many but we were actually hip enough to see what we were doing as a form of creation of self, and life as being something you work to have.

Some of us are performers, Read the teaser for this article and go to Bilrico and finish it.

Wild Girl: The Transformation of Maria Roman

Filed by: Peter Monn and Alex Paredes

July 6, 2010 5:00 PM

We fell in love with her the moment she came onto the screen in Trantasia. There was just something about her smile, her honesty, her absolute sensuality that lit up every corner of the film. And now she is starring in a new film, Remember Me in Red as well as her own reality television show, Wild Things.

After listening to her discuss the film, we fell in love with her even more. Because not only is she a pretty face – an amazingly gorgeous face and a curvaceous body – she’s your wife, your mother, your sister, your friend. She’s all woman!

Our interview with Maria Roman is after the jump.

Continue reading at: http://www.bilerico.com/2010/07/wild_girl_the_transformation_of_maria_roman.php

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  1. Suzannah Says:

    I would just like to make a modest contribution to the discussion by saying I am very proud and feel honored to have had two such marvelous — and quite different — guiding influences back in the ‘pioneer’ days in early 1970s San Francisco. We regarded Suzan Cooke as our bright TS Guru, who I remember as being immersed in the contemporary feminist intellectual enlightenment. Who, I might add, just happened to be blest with great natural looks! We also had Leslie St. Clair, who in so many ways could be viewed as Suzan’s polar opposite. A ‘Super Queen’ — yes we were experimenting with words back then! Indeed, Leslie had come via the ‘drag’ route. I recall one of her many idols was the tragically beautiful Candy Darling (a ‘Warhol Superstar’), and then another earlier influence for her was the French TS showgirl ‘Bambi’ who performed at Madame Arthurs in Paris the late 1950s and early 1960s. Who is to say what would have eventually become of Candy Darling had she not died so young? I can tell you that after ‘Bambi’ finished in show business she went back to University and got a degree in French Literature and for many decades now she has been known as Marie-Pierre Ysser — and has even written a superb autobiography in French.

    The important thing is, as I see it, as different as Suzan Cooke and Leslie St. Clair were — they still managed to find common ground and remained close friends over so many years. This should say something about the commonality of our TS sisterhood. I regard Suzan and Leslie as my principal early mentors and on many occasions over the years I have felt extremely lucky to have had available in my tool kit the lessons they each taught me by example. TS ‘Super Feminist’ or TS ‘Super Queen’. Who really cares about the labels one way or the other if we can celebrate being alive, and enjoy being at once different and the same?
    Suzannah Fleming M.A.

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