We Were a Better People Once Upon a Time

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  1. Véronique Says:

    I was thinking something like that as I read an article about the 50th anniversary of the publication of To Kill a Mockingbird and about how some people are denigrating the book and denigrating the character of Atticus Finch — too gentle, not manly, too, well, liberal. And it hurt, really hurt, to realize that the values I grew up with are now being trashed by people who call themselves patriots. They are harsh and mean-spirited and basically inhuman, yet they’re running so much of the country. Even here in Canada, our federal government is run by people who have similar ideas. They’re trying to create a world that I don’t want to live in.

    I’m not really surprised that you have remained radical and so many of my friends have gone that way. It’s not my way, but I can understand it. And maybe it’s better.

  2. tinagrrl Says:

    The shame is that “This Land Is Their Land” as the title of a book by Barbara Ehrenreich reads.

    Anyway, with all the crap so many of the corporations are doing, any land left won’t be worth a damn anyway. Just saw a show on HBO about “fracking”, a process of pumping material into gas bearing shales to release that gas.

    Another disaster.

    We are in serious trouble, no matter what happens.

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