Fracking, Clear Cutting, Murdering Whales and Destroying the Gulf of Mexico

This evening we caught part of a documentary titled “Gasland”.  It is about how the process of hydraulically fracturing shale to extract natural gas, the so called “clean energy” alternative to coal is destroying our water supply and polluting our air.

The Bush Regime rolled back and suspended numerous clean air and clean water laws.  But moreover he destroyed the ability of the regulatory agencies to enforce those standards that he was not able to pervert.

All so the rich can steal even more from the working poor.  Because the profits are privatized and the damages are socialized in the form of government i.e. tax payer funded Super Fund Clean Up Sites.

Funding that is made all the more pitifully ironic by the fact that those who are at the lower end of the economic spectrum pay a higher portion of their income in taxes than do the rich.

Last week Tina and I went to see an exhibition of Ansel Adams work.  There was one of the coastal Redwood Forests.  One of the old growth ones with mighty trees hundreds of years old standing shoulder to shoulder.  Now they are gone, clear cut for the profits of the rich who bought out the original lumber companies of Northern California, gutted them out for their assets, clear cut the land and sent the lumber the Far East.  At the same time they turned the smaller trees into particles to make particle board.  People like Judy Bari fought to save those trees and were labeled as Eco-Terrorists.  When true to course the violent ones, the true terrorists were the thugs of the rich protecting the corporate interests.

In the words of Reagan’s Secretary of the Interior, James Watt, “If you’ve seen one Redwood, you’ve seen them all.” And they have worked very hard to insure that one old growth redwood is all you will ever see.

Last year a documentary titled “The Cove” won an Academy Award.  It documented the slaughter and torture of whales by Japan so that the rich and over privileged can indulge in the rare and exotic as well as very expensive whale sushi.  One can watch “Whale Wars” to see the true heroes.  Hint is isn’t the evil bastards who murder the beautiful and intelligent whales. The real heroes are the people of Sea Shepard. While Green Peace seems to have turned in to a giant begging operation whose main purpose is fund raising and not engaging in activity that would harm that fund raising,  Sea Shepard is the real deal.

Along with clear cutting of forests we have mountain topping where the entire top of mountains are removed to extract coal with the waste filling the valleys and once again turning the water supply to poison.  Guess who will be stuck with the bill for cleaning up the poisoned water supply?  Hint… It won’t be the ones who pocketed the billions in profits because they will hide that money in the Cayman Islands of some other tax haven so beloved by the rich who think only little people pay taxes.

If all this has not been enough to fill one with Eco-Rage, not enough to think maybe Earth First is right and we have to think about saving the planet from the rich who act like they have a spaceship and some other place to go we now have the atrocity committed by BP.  Let’s see them cover up this disaster with a new flower petal logo and a catchy reimaging of their initials into “Beyond Petroleum”.  These scum suckers have been responsible for other crimes and atrocities in the past.  True they can use the defense that others are doing or have done the same thing.  But guess what BP?  You are the target of current Eco-Rage because you just destroyed the Gulf of Mexico and all the fucking wetlands around it.

I don’t want to hear from your CEO how he wants his life back.  BP should be parted out and sold to pay for this clean up.  Every executive involved should have every penny of their wealth confiscated to pay for it.

Perhaps it is time for the people of the planet to say enough with being raped by giant corporations for the benefit of the rich.  Maybe it is time for a new Declaration of Independence from those who are destroying our planet and murdering off entire species.

Perhaps it is time to declare that among our human rights is the right to clean air, clean water and the preservation of our natural environment.

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