Toronto police violently suppress G20 protests, arrest over 600

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By Paul Franklin
28 June 2010
CopsRiot police mobilized in downtown Toronto. Police would use tear gas, plastic bullets, and pepper spray

More than seven thousand riot police, plain clothes officers and mounted patrols have been deployed in downtown Toronto in a naked violation of the democratic rights of not only the thousands of youth, trade unionists and social and environmental activists protesting the G20 summit, but of the entire Canadian population.

Over the past 48 hours, as leaders of the G20 governments moved to coordinate a massive global austerity program directed at the international working class, police—for the first time in Toronto’s history—deployed snatch squads, tear gas and rubber and plastic bullets to disperse groups of peaceful protesters attempting to march to the fenced in perimeter of the G20 venue.

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Austerity Measures

When you hear the G20 speak of austerity measures you should be well aware that they are not speaking of taxing the upper 20% or upper 5% who control the vast amount of the world’s wealth.

Oh no…  They are talking about bleeding and removing the organs of those on the bottom, that other 80% of people who are only a few steps from homelessness.

Austerity is always the province of the poor and never the province of the wealthy elite.

Those who are focus of multiple oppressions including race, class, sex, gender, sexuality etc are often more dependent upon the social support systems cut to the bone by “austerity measures”.

I hope that you have noticed how the ranks of police, prisons and military are never subjected to the same harsh austerity measures as are the programs that help the working people.

One would think the bloated budgets of police and military could be trimmed instead of the safety net.

Of course there are other things that could be done.  Corporations should be taxed far more, religions should be taxed and the wealthy could be taxed at an 80% rate and still be far more wealth than the working people of the world.

Surplus value, the gap between cost of product and profit could be subjected to harsh austerity measure taxation while fixing the final price.

In the end though I find myself pondering a 1960s jestful slogan,  “Eat the Rich”…  Not literally but they got us into this mess with their free market lies and Ayn Rand influenced economics.  Let them pay to get us out.

Perhaps it is time for the working poor to return fire in the class war that has been waged against us for the last 30 years.

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