Toronto G20 Summit

“Yeah, I support my troops, They wave Black Flags, They wear Black Masks”… Tom Morollo

When the Battle of Seattle happened in 1999 I didn’t get it.

Back then I mistook “globalization” for internationalism and failed to realize how “free trade” pitted the workers of the world against each other in a race to the bottom.  Free trade means the rich elites are free to look for the lowest paid labor any place in the world and in doing that maximize the surplus value created between the cost of labor to produce and the price of the end product.

Suddenly Marx’s master piece “Capital” starts looking like the most important difficult book one might ever read.

Particularly when the middle class is being destroyed by this new economic world order where the few at the top control the vast bulk of the wealth while leaving those in the ever growing bottom 80% with an ever shrinking fraction of that wealth.

The new “service economy” is an awful lot like a servant economy where well paying technical and manufacturing jobs are being replaced by retail jobs.

In a free trade economy those who were subject to discrimination based on class, race, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, gender/gender identity/presentation find their grasp on economic survival reduced from tenuous to increasingly marginal.  All the while the police state grows insuring that the rich elite will never face a 1917.

“Land and Freedom”…

“Bread and Roses”…

Social Justice and Human Rights.  Housing, access to medical care, access to education and decent meaningful employment where ones livelihood is not subject to the constant threat of layoffs, where ones living space is not subject to daily threats of foreclosure and eviction.

It took a while for me to see through all the bullshit that the politicians of both parties were peddling and that the MSM was shoving down our throats.

But I’m fairly bright and I was both SDS and Weather Nation so I still don’t need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows.  All I needed was the information and being left alone to study it and evaluate the situation.

I came around and now I too can say…

Yeah… I support my troops… They wave Black Flags…  They wear Black Masks