Allegories Gone Wild: Comstockery Was No Laughing Stock…

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6 June 2010 by KA

“Nothing in his life became him like the leaving it” –  Macbeth, Act I, Scene IV

In a recent post, Mr. Garton expounded upon the sexual horrors that some would perpetrate upon us. Sadly, American history is rife with those who would gird our loins for war against our wills. Anita Bryant, for instance, led a vicious movement against gay rights that was religiously motivated. The AFA (American Family Association – what a gentle name that hides the insanity of its members) to this day is virulently anti-gay and labors mightily to foist other violations that run contrary to the (many) principles upon which this country was founded.

As outrageous and horrid as these recent efforts to deprive the few of the liberties granted to all, a brief history lesson will chill the blood and clench the knuckles white with rage. We can breathe a sigh of relief that these days are past us, but we must always be on guard lest the past come back with foaming jaws to bite us in the ass.

Anthony Comstock was a sexually repressed control freak, who left vivid scars on the sexual psyche of America:

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3 Responses to “Allegories Gone Wild: Comstockery Was No Laughing Stock…”

  1. Angela Says:

    This might cheer us all up :)))

  2. Angela Says:

    It also reminds me of a bit in Spike Milligan’s war diaries. During the dark days of WW2 a soldier from Bradford (a mill town in the north of England, pronounced Bratford by people living there) was being had up by the magistrates for having sex in a doorway. His comment was

    “You’ll never stop fookin in Bratford!”

  3. Marlene Says:

    Comstock ranks with the most vicious censors and fearmongers in history.

    His war on information on birth control led to the deaths of how many women because they were forced to have way too many kids, or go to clandestine abortion clinics.

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