A Collective Denial

By Sophie

I had to sit and think for a while before writing this, the reason being that in the US at least, the law seems to protect various “Experts” who are known to abuse children, but hide that abuse behind “Science” (Quackery).

If you are a child and deemed “Gender variant” by control freaks, the outlook is poor at best. You would probably be facing some sort of surgery (If intersexed and under the age of 3) but that surgery is hardly going to have viable end results, feminising surgery is cackhanded at best and the “Aftercare” is intrusive to put it mildly. Masculinising surgery is perhaps so much of a joke most surgeons deny it was ever attempted, actually it was, but it did not result in people who have a functioning penis with a scar running along it. It was more often a mess that was prone to life threatening infections. But this is just the tip of the iceberg if I am honest.

Children who are deemed to be transsexual as well as some intersex children are frequently handed over to “experts” who quite literally resort to torture and what would constitute child abuse in order to bludgeon that child to conform to the sex being dictated.

What strikes me as interesting is how while all this goes on, transsexual children are often told that they cannot seek surgery later on in life, because “Surgery does not change one’s sex” which is funny really when you consider the surgery inflicted on intersex children, without consent and with often very messy results. But perhaps the most abhorrent is the way some “Experts” seem to dream up “Bin the Barbie and brutalise!” regimes and inflict them on transsexual kids. You know “Set the doll on fire and beat the kid senseless, make a man out of them!” being peddled as “Psychology”.

To make matters even worse, many of these so-called “Experts” seem utterly incapable of leaving it there, oh no they have to carry on their little games of mental torture right into adulthood. Notice how they love to publish “Papers” describing their victims as “Mentally ill” and “Deranged” they even get so cocky they admit their own crimes. “These transsexuals were abused as children, feeling they would be more valued as the opposite sex, but we must make them accept what we (The abusers involved) have decided they are!” (Rent boys carrying suitcases perhaps?)

This is why I myself say it outright when they pick on people who have rejected the “Assigned sex” they imposed and say “People will not be dictated to by a bunch of kiddie fiddling nonces!”.

What makes it all so disturbing, without going into graphic detail is how parents are frequently conned into handing their “Gender variant” (Cattle branded) children over to these perverts and then somehow manage to turn a blind eye to the sort of psychological abuse that would do your average interrogator proud being inflicted on their own children. This is all that needs to be said really, anything else is just a logical continuation of the basic fact, the fact being that many of these so-called “Experts” are little more than paid child molesters who are grooming parents into handing their children over to said “Experts” so the “Experts” can have fun abusing kids. The sooner said “Experts” are locked up and kept well away from children, all children, the better.

Try Honesty Instead of Marketing Bullshit

Over on an advocacy group I am listening to someone explain how “gender variant” is a marketing term to collectivize and obscure.  I guess the obscuring is supposed to make transvestism palatable for the right wing hordes.


Over the last year I have said I support the rights of people to full equality no matter their individual idiosyncratic differences in presentation or their interpretations of gender/sex roles.  Equal rights and protections have nothing to do with marketing.  They are or should be yours based on your humanity not on a pile of stuff one usually finds at the end of a conveyor belt running from the cattle barn.

But from Virginia Prince on down basic honesty has been in short supply and “marketing euphemisms” as well as hair brained “theory” has ruled the day.

People who actually get sex change operations seem on the whole far more honest about themselves and their lives.  Not everyone as there are still the right wingers and totally fucking crazy folks among that group as well.  Perhaps it is the process, the demands of focus and determination that gets us through the process of both amassing the money and getting gate keeper approval assures some degree of both togetherness and honesty.

I often think that the most honest group that legitimately falls in the category of transgender is the one that we hear the least from and that is the queens.  In Transgender World heterosexual CDs are the loudest voices, they tend to shout down almost everyone else. I’ve been told that some no only do not live as women but are in fact engaged in a form of fantasy role play.  Hark is that the sound of one hand typing?

There is a reason why I give credence to transgender activists like Autumn Sandeen, Monica Helms and Monica Roberts, Mara Keisling, Toni D’Orsey etc that I do not give to the bulk of the on-line transgender voices.  I know they are real people.  It doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with them or not they are real people with a 3D presence and they tend to get to the point on human rights, non-discrimination and the right to be different.

I agree with them that there are systematic and structural forms of legalized discrimination and oppression that deny rights to people who do not conform to corporate mandated sex/gender role stereotypes.  I say corporate mandated rather than actual live sex/gender roles which tend to be much freer than those that we are programed to believe are the only roles permitted men and women.

There is a cravenness to these attempts to euphemisize. Just as there is behind all the bullshit claims of imaginary intersex conditions.

The other night we were at Babe’s, our favorite fried chicken restaurant.  There were to black women we presumed to be dykes.  One had a Mohawk and was covered with tats. But I don’t see them as “gender variant”.  I see them as two in your face dykes.

Reducing peoples individuality to a marketing phrase, “gender variant” is like sucking the air and life out of a room.  The problem is that the people who insist on this are so straight and have sticks shoved so far up their asses they can’t even imagine the flexibility whole tribes of people show out side of their own straight demographic.

Like the one that betrays a complete ignorance of male anatomy.  “I know I had a vagina that they closed up because there was a scar down the center of my scrotum.”  Bwaaahaha.  Or “After SRS they discovered I had ovaries inside my body as well as testicles that they removed.”  Well that’s kind of strange since the cells that differentiate into ovaries or testicles are the same cells. Ova-testes are more possible.

Give it the fuck up.  All this crap makes us all look mentally ill and doesn’t convince the neo-Nazi Christo-Fascists any how.

Instead of this, get behind some political action that has a possibility to actually liberate.  Work for ENDA like Mara does.  If Mara isn’t someone you can get behind then find some one else.  If DADT and veteran’s rights are your bag Monica Helms and Autumn are there. Again they are not the only ones out there fighting for these causes.

You may think Monica Roberts is full of shit, but she talks about race and class issues in a way that few others do.  But if you can’t follow her on the race/class matters and race/class are part of your issues start your own organization.

Anything would be better than the eternal internet wanking about your dubious claims to intersex.

Hell, Riki Wilchins and the Transsexual Menace were much better than all this bullshit.  Dust off her book and focus on the powerful vision of freedom she offered before wandering off into Judy Butler land.

Over on Amanda Marcotte’s blog Pandagon she has a post about the slipping popularity of the term “pro-choice” http://pandagon.net/index.php/site/comments/lets_call_the_whole_thing_off/. I’ve long thought progressives lose when they let wishy-washy liberals frame the debate.  Liberals in their accommodationist positions give away every single progressive goal, especially if going for those goals means defending something that might actually be progressive.

The whole “transgender is ‘the’ umbrella term” attempts to use post-SRS women with a transsexual history to make CDs palatable to people who will never find them palatable.

What ever happened to defending freedom of expression.  In the late 1960s I was a hippie only we didn’t call ourselves hippies.  We called ourselves freaks because we didn’t buy into the plastic fantastic white bread world that television was selling.  Gay liberation/lesbian liberation wasn’t about being just like the straights.  It was about the right to be different.

We actually had an organization in New York called “Queen’s Liberation Front”.  How cool was that?

We have had thirty years of Christo-fascist and Neo-Nazi Neo-Cons telling us what is right and proper.  Over those thirty years the ultra rich have plundered the economy and so trashed out the environment as to have perhaps tipped us over the edge in to total eco-collapse.  And we are supposed to be nice and look for marketing terms to sell ourselves to them.

Hell no!

Better to stand for something and lose than to crawl and beg favor of these bastards.

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