Why I Support Debbie Wasserman Schultz Rather Than Donna Milo

First of all I don’t care one way or another about Donna Milo’s being transsexual and having had the same sort of operation I had.

It is not like being transsexual and having had SRS all of a sudden makes sisters out of people with diametrically opposing political views.  The idea that it does is at the core of the identity politics of transgender.  It is of the same bizarre nature as one floated around way back when by the Janice Raymond/Mary Daly set, that said Phyllis Schlafly and Anita Bryant were the sisters of feminist women based on their having been assigned female at birth.  while WBTs could never be considered true sisters based on our not being assigned female at birth.

I occasionally see bumper stickers that say, “I Wasn’t Born in Texas, but I Got Here as Soon as I Could”.  I wasn’t born female but the second I came out as transsexual I also came out as feminist.  I didn’t suddenly embrace some sort of feminine mystique.  My politics didn’t change.  I was SDS?Weather when I came out and stayed SDS/Weather plus feminist.

These are seen as left wing progressive causes.  I am a left wing progressive.  I think BP should clean up its oil gusher and all the damage it has caused.  I do not believe in privatizing profit and socializing the clean up of the damage done by corporations. I think Republicans are anti-Americans who do not support core tenets of Constitution.  Particularly those involving equality and the wall of separation between church and state.

I see them as representing the big corporations and the rich elites rather than the common people and those who work for a living instead of exploiting others.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a progressive Democrat.  One who supports the same sort of politics I do.

Donna Milo is a radically right wing conservative, another Sarah Palin, whose views are diametrically opposed to mine on just about every thing.

Why should an LGBT/T person support her?  Because she had a sex change operation?

Oh Please…  Like that carries any weight with me…

Politics trump identity every single freaking time as far as I am concerned.