What All The Gender Shit Is Really About?

Selling Beer or selling dickwaddery?  You make the call.

I really shouldn’t watch commercial television.  As I have said gender is a social construct in the service of misogyny.

Miller Lite Ads Invoke the Straight Man’s Fear of Being Perceived as Sissy

MillerCoors a beer company marketing its Miller Lite brand has created two commercials that embraces sexist and transphobic ideas. One commercial features a man asking the bartender for a light beer. She asks him if he cares how it tastes and since he how it tastes and since he doesn’t she tells him that when he starts caring he should “take off his skirt” and get a Miller Lite. The man looks obviously humiliated and the commercial then says “man up” He then goes to his friends saying “check it out, I lost the skirt and got a Miller Lite.”

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This so sucks…  How uncool.. How fucking straight is this?

George Rekers would be so proud..

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The Real Difference Between WBTs and Transgender Folks

No matter how adamantly I support a trans-inclusive ENDA it is really something I do because I care about the rights of others.

No matter how much I support hate crimes laws that offer protections based on gender identity and gender expression I am not doing so for myself but for people I think of as “them”.

Sex change operations, Cybelle’s Knife separates me from transgender people.  Most of their concerns are not mine.

Sometimes I find myself supporting things that contradict my politics.  Like the repeal of DADT.  My gut instincts are to oppose war as usually being in the interests of the rich at the cost of the lives of the poor, who are turned into murderers.  Rich men speak of the glories of wars they never fight.  The poor serve as cannon fodder to die or be maimed to serve the interests of the wealthy.

During the era of the draft being queer was a pass to escape being pressed into service, a way of avoiding kill or be killed.

I hear so many activists talk about a community that I am supposedly a part of.  Except it is more on-line than in my 3D life.  It is true that my life partner is another WBT, it is equally true that we have a mere hand full of other WBTs as friends.  Mostly long term friends of mine.

Once beyond transition, transworld is excruciatingly boring.  Now it is filled with people endlessly blithering on about their imaginary intersex conditions.  Or the surgeries they are facing.

Mostly I’d rather talk about work or what I do when not at work.

The oil spill disaster or the insanity of the Tea Baggers.

Even young people in the transition process are extremely boring.  They know it all.  Yet they haven’t even had their surgery yet and the real transition is life itself.

Getting old having a lifetime of experiences to draw upon when looking at a situation.

Sometimes late transitioners are the worst because they have so much baggage to let go of, such a heavy set of defenses to put down.

Often times it is much easier to relate to those who have not only made it through the process but are far enough beyond so it has become a historical fact rather than a current event.

Some time it seems like transgender folks, those who define as non-ops are stuck in the middle where all those aforementioned concerns are a real element of their lives and not something one supports because supporting those things are the right thing to do.